About Me

I’m Charlotte

I set up Charlotte Elizabeth Photography 10 years ago after leaving University and I haven’t looked back since. I love meeting new people and being a part of their journey, but my favourite part of any shoot, whether it’s a newborn session, a family portrait shoot or a wedding day, is showing people their final images. Handing over an album or a pack of prints and knowing that they’ll be treasured is the most rewarding thing about my work.

“To collect photographs is to collect the world” – Susan Sontag

5 Facts…

1. I love tea. I will never ever turn down a cuppa.
(milk no sugar)

2. I’ve not always known that I wanted to be a photographer. I’ve always loved photographing, but for a few years theater was a huge part of my life. I performed in various productions at my local theatre school and I still see loads of shows and performances now.

3. I have a tendency to call people ‘shug’, ‘sugar’ and ‘beauty’. I’ve done this for years, so please don’t be offended!

4. I’m from a really large, close family. I’ll probably mention them at some point.

5. I get really involved with everything I do. Give me a tick list, a camera and a pen and I'll not stop until I have every photograph I set out to achieve. I really do love my job!

About Charlotte Elizabeth Kaye of Charlotte Elizabeth Photography