5 Tips for School Photographs

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With the new school year about to begin school photographs are looming. We’ve put together our top 5 tips for preparing your little one to get the best school photograph results.


The first step to getting wall-worthy images is to tell your child why the school photographs are important. Explain that they mark another year in their school journey, and that they mean a lot to you. Tell them what will likely happen, and that they only get one chance to get it right. The more they know beforehand the more likely they’ll be willing to cooperate on the day.


Spend some time with your child and practice different poses and faces for their school photographs. Keep it interesting by doing silly poses as well as the ones you’d like to see them do on the day. Try playing ‘schools’ with different toys and see who takes the best photo. Making practicing fun will give your child a much more natural smile on the day of the school photographs.

Stay Smart

On the day, make sure your child is wearing their best clothes or uniform. Keep their hair in a style they can touch up themselves if needed – nothing too elaborate. On the way to school explain that they need to stay clean and tidy until their photograph has been taken. Afterwards they can do what they like!


Rewards are a fantastic way to encourage your child to try their best for the school photographs. Make it something realistic that they can have after school that day. It could be a sticker, a walk in the park or just making them their favourite dinner. (This works from the first year of school right through to teenagers!)


This one is for the parents. Keeping yourself relaxed will help your child be themselves, and help you get a natural, beautiful photograph of them. If their hair is slightly out of place, if they have a mark on their uniform, if they fell over at playtime – these are all things that make your child them. Teachers will help straighten shirts and pull up socks, and your photographer will make sure they’re sitting up straight too.

There you go, our 5 tips for school photographs! You can also incorporate a school photograph into any of our studio sessions. Take a look at the Studio section of our site or get in touch for more information.

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