5 Ways To Prepare For Your Photography Session

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Looking your best in photographs is important to almost everyone. Whether you have a studio session booked, or it’s coming up to your wedding day, we have a few tips on how to prepare for your photography session.

Plan your outfit

This is one of the biggest factors when preparing for any photography session. If your photographs will be on your wedding day, you’ll have already spent hours finding the perfect outfit and having it fitted exactly to you. If you’re getting ready for a studio session you’re more likely to be raiding your own wardrobe.

In both cases, it’s important to be comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, and not to clash with others. A quick conversation is all it takes to make sure everyone’s clothes complement each other. Getting this organised (at least) a few days before stops last minute stresses on the day.

Green bridesmaid dresses hanging on a window with beaded detail from Dorothy Perkins prepare photography session

Drink plenty of water

Keeping hydrated the day before will do wonders for your skin. If you’re after warm, glowing, healthy skin with limited spots or blemishes, water is your friend. We recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water the day before the session. If you’re not used to drinking this amount, go back to normal on your session day (drinking more than normal means more toilet breaks than normal!).

Let there be gin personalised glass as a wedding favor

Don’t try any new beauty products

This is an absolute must. Do not put anything new on your skin in the week leading to your photographs. If you have an allergic reaction, or if a product just doesn’t work as it should for you, you need time to let your skin go back to normal. This does not just apply to facial products. If you’re uncomfortable while you’re having your photograph taken, it will show. Don’t risk it!

Bridesmaid having her makeup done on the morning of the wedding prepare photography session

Get an early night

Makeup can be wonderful at hiding a tired face, but not having one to start with is even better. The best way to get a refreshed look is to be refreshed. Your body heals itself while you’re sleeping, so the longer you allow yourself in bed the more time your body has to refresh.

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Trust your photographer

Being happy and comfortable with your photographer is really important for any session. Find someone you trust, and who you know will get the photographs you want. Trust that your photographer knows what they’re doing, and that they will get the best photographs for you.

Now you know how to prepare for your photography session, you;re almost ready to go. We just have another 5 Tips for you to take a look at for the day of the session itself.