9 Terrifying Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween is approaching fast, and so the spooky decorations and the terrifying costumes will soon be taking over the streets. We’ve put together 9 terrifyingly terrific Halloween party ideas for a perfect Halloween party.

Mummy Front Door

The kids will love this idea! Use a door-sized piece of black paper, cover it in bandages and add some big mummy eyes. It looks great at parties, or to show you welcome trick-or-treaters.

Bin Liner Cobwebs

These are really simple to make, and look fantastic. Cut sections out of black bin liners to make them into tangled cobwebs. Stick them to the corners of your house, inside and out. If you want to be really creative add in a balloon spider.

Eye-Bomb Everything

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Grab some googly eyes and give everything a face. The doorbell, light switch, TV remote – everything. Just remember where all the eyes are or you’ll still be finding them in the Summer!

Glow Stick Eyes

Use old toilet or kitchen roll tubes. Paint them a dark colour, and then cut out a creepy eye shape. Add in a glow stick and hide them around the house or garden. They look really spooky in the bushes.

Pin The Spider On The Web

Use this twist on the classic ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game to entertain everyone. Make the centre of the web a target, or shake it up even more by adding in flies of different point values. Grab some tasty treats as prizes. Here’s a free downloadable version.

Spider Ice Cubes

Make these ice cubes by placing clean fake spiders in the bottom of your ice cube tray. Make them even more terrifying by filling the tray with blackcurrant juice. The spiders will be harder to see so as the ice melts your guests will be faced with an eight legged surprise.

Apple Cups

Move away from plastic cups by serving drinks in hollowed out apples. Freeze them first to make them even more durable, or let your guests carve out their own. They work really well with spiced apple juice or warm cider.

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Give the current naked cake trend a spooky twist. Bake three chocolate cakes and stack them together using orange buttercream. Allow the buttercream to drip down the sides of the cake. Red food colouring gives an even gorier look.

Eyeball Cake Pops

With any extra cake, make a ball shape and attach it to a fork. Cover in white icing before adding a pupil, colour and bloodshot lines. It’s a good way to use up extra cake and makes a disgustingly delicious treat.

Do you have any more spooky Halloween party ideas? Get in touch and let us know!