Quick Christmas Card Ideas

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It’s that time of year where everyone starts to think about their Christmas cards. While there are thousands of designs to choose from in the shops, there’s something extra special about a home-made Christmas card, especially when finger paint is involved.

If you're looking for a fun, easy finger paint Christmas card, we have three ideas to choose from.

Reindeer snowman and lights finger print Christmas card with Christmas greeting

The Lights

This one is fantastic for any age. Grab your favourite coloured paints, dip in your finger and print all over the paper. Then use a black pen to join the prints to create the ‘wire’. Write your Christmas greeting and you’re done.

For younger children try adding the ‘wire’ in first to give them a focus for their prints. Try using different fingers for different sized lights.

Handmade finger print christmas card featuring christmas lights

The Snowmen

For this finger paint Christmas card you’ll need some coloured paper – the darker the better.

Use white paint and your thumb to print onto your card. Your thumbprint will make the body of your snowmen. Then use a smaller finger (we used the index finger) to create their heads. With a paint brush splatter white paint to create a snow feel. Finally, add your Christmas message and Snowman accessories with a white pencil.

If you’re using a lighter coloured card try adding a carrot nose and twig arms too.

Fingerprint snowman Christmas card home made

The Reindeer

This one is our favourite. It can be done by one person, or as a whole family.

Grab some brown paint and print your finger onto the white card. Wait for the prints to dry before using a paintbrush to add in the red noses. Then create your eyes, ears and antlers with a black pen. Finish it off with your Christmas greeting.

If you’re doing this one as a family make sure you all use the same finger, and finish off your own reindeer.

Reindeer finger print Christmas card with Christmas greeting

Top tip

Try adding glitter to your cards to give them that extra wow factor!

Looking to make your cards extra personal? Attach a photograph to the inside as a special surprise gift.