Christmas Gift Ideas

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Photography gifts are a unique way to show someone you care this Christmas. They’re personal and deigned to be treasured forever. We’ve put together some of our favourite Christmas photo gift ideas to give you some inspiration.

Framed Prints

Opening a framed print on Christmas morning is a wonderful feeling. Because it’s a finished article, there’s no additional shopping to be done. The frame can go straight on the wall to be admired by everyone. The most difficult job is deciding where to put it!

Our Framed prints come in a variety of shapes and sizes with mount options too.

Wall Art

Wall art covers a whole range of products, such as canvases, acrylics and acrylic collages. All these items come ready to put on the wall and give any room a personal focal point. They make a wonderful alternative to the traditional framed prints, perfect for a modern home.

Our Wall Art selection comes in a range of different sizes, shapes and finishes. Everything comes with attached hooks, ready to be displayed immediately.

Christmas Photo Gift Ideas


Who doesn’t love a keyring? Having a photograph of your loved ones attached to your keys or as a bag charm comes with a huge sentimental value. Keyrings are an inexpensive way to keep your favourite photographs close at all times.

Our Keyrings come in packs of two, and can hold any image.


Traditional prints are perfect for updating current wall displays and saving memories. Gifting prints means the recipient can choose whether they want to display them on their walls, or save them in a treasured album.

Our prints come in all shapes and sizes. They’re printed on the highest quality paper and arrive with you within 14 working days.

Christmas Photo Gift Ideas

Gift Cards

Not sure which images they’ll love the most? Or maybe you want them in the images too! Either way, our photography gift cards are a fantastic way to give memories before the session has taken place. You know they’ll be happy with their final product as they’ll get to choose their own!

Our photography gift cards can be purchased for any session, print credit, or a combination of both. There’s no lower or upper limit to the value on our vouchers, so they’re suitable for any budget. You can find out more about them here.

Still looking for Christmas photo gift ideas? You’ll find information about our studio sessions on our Studio Session Page. Alternatively contact us with any questions.