The Crossing – Remnants of Change

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This year the Cooper Gallery is home to a photography series by Anton Want: The Crossing – Remnants of Change.

The Crossing – Remnants of change showcases a series of works from the redevelopment of Barnsley. The images in the exhibition focus on our changing landscape from 2014 to the present day.

With a mixture of landscape and portrait work, Anton Want focuses on the ”nature of societal and structural change and the relationship between people, place and the built environment.”

The photographs

There are 35 images on display as part of the exhibition, spread over 5 walls in the main gallery. Although each image stands in its own right, there were two that I was drawn to.

On wall 3, image 26 shows Central Library before and during the demolition. In the centre of the wall it took me a while to work out what I was looking at. Both states of the Library are merged together in one image making it appear almost dream like. It is this quality that makes it different to every other image in the exhibition.

In the corner of wall 5 sits the final image in the exhibition. It is image 35, and shows Ada on the last day on the outdoor covered market after 42 years. She is standing at her stall looking directly into the camera. There is a seriousness to her gaze that kept me going back to look again. The size of the print allows you to look at every detail of the image, from the pegs holding up the backdrop to the marks on the takings bag.

Anton Want

This is Anton’s second exhibition in the Cooper Gallery. The first was in 1992, and featured photographs he created while training as a photographer with the Barnsley Chronicle.

For this exhibition he secured support from both Barnsley Museums and Arts Council England.

The Crossing – Remnants of Change by Anton Want is on in the Cooper Gallery until Wednesday 30th August.