How To Avoid Looking Shiny In Photographs

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One of the best things about summer is being able to spend time outdoors doing what you love. Whether that’s relaxing at the beach, having a garden BBQ or climbing a mountain, you’ll more than likely be photographing your experience. One of the biggest problems we face when photographing people in the summer is the shiny look. Here are a few tips to avoid looking shiny in photographs.

Look After Your Skin

This is the simplest way to avoid looking shiny in photographs. Don’t be shiny. Make sure you have a good cleansing product and use it regularly. Try to use oil-free makeup and favour products that have a matt look.

When applying sun cream make it the first thing you use – before any makeup. This will not only prevent any shine appearing from the cream, but is actually the advised way to fully protect your skin.

makeup artist putting makup on bride on the morning of the wedding Tankersley Manor

Stay Cool

Having shiny makeup is one thing, but what happens when you’re dealing with summer perspiration?

Staying cool is one of the easiest ways to avoid looking sweaty in photographs. Find some shade, and keep hydrated. If shade isn’t readily available then grab some facial tissues and blot! (When you’re out for the day make sure you carry a small bag to pop your used tissues in – you don’t want them mixing up with the sandwiches.)

Bride and Groom looking at each other in the grounds of Cornhill Castle Biggar Scotland Avoid Looking Shiny Photographs

Use Your Light

Our final tip to avoid looking shiny in photographs is to use your light. Shine can only happen when light reflects from the skin, but you can stop that from happening. Angle yourself away from the sun and you’ll block the reflections. Using shade from buildings, plants or even other people can also work wonders. Try to avoid using a flash as it will bounce directly from the skin and emphasise the shine.

Groom stnading in front of the blue barn door at Horsleygate Hall Wedding Venue Avoid Looking Shiny Photographs

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