Ambient Mind and Spirit workshop

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Aromatherapy product making workshop

I heard about Ambient mind and Spirit through The Crafty Business Network. I enjoy creating things but it’s not very often I get the chance to, so when I saw the Aromatherapy product making workshop I booked on straight away.

The workshop was held at Ambient Mind and Spirits premises at the BBIC centre, Barnsley. Steph met us at the main doors with a huge smile to take us through to the workshop.

When we walked in we could see bottles lined up on a table and the smell was beautiful. Although nothing had been opened yet some of the stronger aromas were filling the room. We started with a cup of tea, biscuits and a workshop booklet.
As we had our drinks Steph explained that we would be making products, and that they would be wonderful, but there was quite a bit of learning to do first. We would be using essential oils which all effect the body in some way – some can even kill!

Essential oils lined up aromatherapy workshop ambient mind and spirit

After our safety lesson, we had the opportunity to smell all the essential oils that we could use. Steph gave us a separate sheet which listed the oil, its properties and any safety issues we needed to be aware of if we used it. It was amazing how different people had such different reactions to the smells of certain oils. We were told that your body is attracted to the smell of the property you need, which is possibly why some of us had such varied responses.

Making Products

Finally, we were able to begin making our products. We had the option to make a cream/moisturiser, a spray, an oil or a pulse point. Three products were included but if we wanted to make more we were able to for a small cost. I came away with an oil for back pain, a spray to help wake me up, a spray to help combat stress and two pulse points to give as gifts!

Steph was so helpful during the whole day, everyone came away with some lovely products.

Ambient Mind and Spirit are having an open day on the 30th November where you can grab some exclusive Christmas gifts. For more information on workshops like this, visit their website.

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