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Sock Pig Workshop

I’ve been following LMB Crafts since we met at a Christmas market. I loved her sock monkeys, and so when I saw the sock pig workshop this February I jumped at the chance to have a go myself!

The workshop was suitable for ages 8 and above, with children needing adult supervision. After speaking to Leanne, who runs the workshops, she assured me that there would be lots of adults there and it wasn’t just for children.

My sisters also booked on, and we were really excited to make our pigs together.

The workshop took place at the BBIC centre, Barnsley. Leanne met everyone in the main reception area and took us into the craft room. Drinks and biscuits were all ready for us to tuck in to.

After a quick introduction, we got straight on with picking our socks! There were so many to choose, it was so difficult to just take one. Leanne gave us all a set of instructions and began explaining the first steps. Having the instructions meant we could all work at our own pace. Leanne constantly walked around the table to help us with any tricky bits.

We spent a big chunk of the session stuffing our pigs to perfection – we wanted them to be big, round and fat. Leanne showed us a good tip to not make them too lumpy. We stitched the pigs bottoms up and began on the body, ears and tail.

It took us so long to create the perfect tail we ran out of time. Leanne let us choose the buttons for our eyes and snout to take home. She put them in a pack along with our needle and thread so we had everything we needed for us to complete our pigs.

sock pig workshop LMB crafts

sock pig workshop LMB crafts finished pigs

You’ll find all the information about LMB crafts workshops on her Facebook page. You can also get in touch with her on Lmbcrafts@outlook.com. If you fancy getting creative but workshops aren’t for you, she also sells kits with everything you need to know to bring your sock friend to life on her Etsy page!

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