Northern Karma Spring Retreat

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Northern Karma Spring Retreat

After bumping into Alys last year, I was lucky enough to grab myself a place on one a Northern Karma spring retreat day this April bank holiday.

Held at the beautiful Langsett Barn, the days were focused on helping you develop your own yoga practice, trying some wonderful vegan food and giving yourself a bit of time off.

Being a Barnsley photographer takes up most of my time, even when I’m not working I’m thinking of new ideas to try in the studio or at weddings. By attending a retreat I gave myself (almost) a full day off from photography by focusing completely on my yoga practice.

Although the retreat ran on both the Saturday and Sunday, I was only able to attend one session. I attended the Sunday retreat day, a full day of yoga. I’d not done any yoga since the last class before Christmas, so I felt like a newbie again. I was quite apprehensive walking into the barn, but Alys was there with a smile as always and I remembered instantly why I loved her classes.

We began the day with a cuppa and introductions to the rest of the Northern Karma family; Ash and Andi.
Ash is the outdoor side of the business and leads the mindfulness walks on the retreat days. Andi is the lady in the kitchen; she made some gorgeous vegan food for us to try.

The day seemed to go really quickly, and we all came out of it feeling relaxed, refreshed and flexible. I’m keeping my eye on the Northern Karma website for the vegan recipes and details of the next retreat!

Langsett Barn ceiling

Yoga mats at langsett barn northern karma spring retreat