Northern Karma

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I’ve known Alys for a few years, and re-met her at a business event at Tankersley Manor in 2015. We’d both moved away from Barnsley for a while. She’d set up a Yorkshire yoga business with her family and I'd started my photography business.

I spoke to her about how my business had developed over the years. I’d moved on from being just a Barnsley photographer to travelling around South Yorkshire.

I’ve never thought of myself as being a yoga person, but as she was telling me more about her business, the more I wanted to give it a go. She told me that Yoga was accessible to everyone:

“Everybody. Every body. Whether you can tie yourself in knots or struggle touching your toes, whether your ideal breakfast is a raw green smoothie or a bacon butty. Yoga isn't a religion, nor is it a cult. It's a physical, mental and spiritual practice that is accessible and relevant to all - whether you're 7 or 107.”

Yoga at wentworth woodhouse barnsley with northern karma
Yoga at wentworth woodhouse barnsley with northern karma

Biting the bullet

After a long debate with myself, and trying to touch my toes a few times, I decided to give yoga a go. I’d only ever done a few exercise classes before and I wasn’t very good, but Alys assured me that was fine.

I’m so glad I went. Her classes were amazing. She talked us through every pose step by step. It always started with the easiest version of each position and worked through to the most difficult. We all stopped when we felt we needed to with no pressure to go any further. She taught us that everyone had different body types and so while one pose might come really easy for you, it could be really difficult for someone else. Every class was informal and relaxed, and allowed us to have just an hour and a half every week focusing on ourselves.

For 2016 Northern Karma is offering retreat days and weekends. Each retreat is different, but can offer a combination of yoga, mindfulness walks, meditation and food. For more information on these see Northern Karmas website.

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