Why Support Small Businesses

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Last month we put together a guide on Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses. But why make the effort of spending from individuals when the supermarket is just around the corner? Here’s why.

The Local Economy

This might not be the most exciting of things to think about, but it is important. Research has shown that for every £10 that is spent with a local, independent shop, up to £50 goes back into the local economy. Which makes perfect sense. If you’re supporting a small business, they can make a profit. With that profit they can do exciting things like go to a local pub or restaurant, which can then make a profit and maybe even employ more staff.

Customer Service

Small businesses are run by actual, accessible people. More often than not when you contact a small business you will be speaking directly to the person in charge. Customer service is everything when it comes to selling the products or service, and directly affects the company and the person you’re speaking to. If they can’t help with your query, smaller companies can usually point you in the direction of someone who can.

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Value for Money

While some items may be more expensive from a small business, it’s much better value for money. Every product has been made, checked and double checked. They’re made to last, and that’s what the company want. More often than not you’ll be given advice on how to make your product last as long as possible along with tips tried and tested by that business, saving you money in the long run.

Cheaper Deals

Getting the best deal is important to many of us. Everyone loves a bargain. Following small businesses on social media alerts you to their sales, or any discounts that are happening. Although we’re told that buying online with large companies is the cheapest way to shop, that’s not always the case. Shopping direct is often cheaper than any online deal. (If they stand at craft fayres or corporate events there’s usually a discount to be had, so it’s worth going and speaking to them there.)

Support a Dream

“Every time you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.”

It’s a quote we’re sure you’ve all seen. Setting up, running and maintaining a small business is not easy. In fact, it’s incredibly hard. Anyone running a small business is creating their dream, and every time you support them you support their dream too. It doesn’t matter whether you spend £1000 or £1. Whether you give them a ‘like’ on Facebook, comment on an Instagram post or retweet something they’ve been working hard on. Every time you support a small business an actual person is given a boost, and sometimes that’s the difference between an awful day, and a fantastic one.

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