How To Make Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

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We love this potato stamped wrapping paper. There is no shortage of wrapping paper this time of year, but to add that personal touch there’s nothing better than making your own. While there are tonnes of ideas for personalising your paper, potato stamping has to be our favourite. It’s quick, simple to do, and suitable for all ages. (You can also make it fully recyclable!)

What you’ll need:

A potato
Some paints
A felt tip/marker pen
A knife
Plain paper

Make sure you get an adult to help with the first three steps!

Step 1

Take your potato and chop it in half.

Step 2

Decide on the pattern you’d like on your paper. Draw your shape onto the potato with your felt tip. Make sure it goes right to the edges of your potato. Simple shapes work best!

Step 3

Cut out around the edges of your shape. We do this by cutting down the lines, then across the edge of the potato.

Step 4

Choose your favourite colour and paint your potato shape. Try not to make your paint too watery as it won’t print as well. The thicker the paint is the clearer the print will be.

Step 5


Keep stamping until you have covered your paper in colourful shapes. Try using different colours and shapes to create a completely unique pattern.

You could also cut out some smaller sections of paper and create matching gift tags.

Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

Potato Stamped Wrapping Paper

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