The Perfect Mother’s Day

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As Told By Mums

This year Mother’s day falls on Sunday 11th March. This means that there are just four days left to create the perfect day. But what is the perfect Mother’s day? We spoke to local Mums to see what makes the day special for them.


“My perfect Mother’s day would be a day where no children are whining. I don’t even care what we do and where, just please don’t whine at me children!

The best Mother’s day gift I’ve received.. is it bad I can’t remember? I think the one that stands out is my husband getting me a card from the bump. It was very thoughtful and sweet.”

Rosie 3 years 10 months, Patrick 10 months


“My perfect Mother’s Day would be just spending it with Jackson, doing something fun. He smiled properly for the first time on Mother’s day which was pretty amazing.”

Jackson 1 year


“My perfect Mother’s day would be breakfast in bed made by Tom and the kids. A lovely day out and then to be able to go to the toilet in peace without a child shouting “MUM” (only joking) a bath would be nice.

The best one I’ve ever received so far has been breakfast in bed, handmade cards and dinner made for me. ”

Orlaigh 7, Erin 5, Aela 3, Thomas 1.

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“The best Mother’s day: A day out at a spa getting pampered to return to a house that had been completely cleaned and tidied from top to bottom (including beds changed, all laundry and ironing done etc!).

Best Mother’s day gift ever received: Cards with really lovely (and usually hilarious) words written by the kids and handmade coupon booklets which included things like ‘a fun day out with all the family’ ‘me playing with your hair for 10 minutes and ’30 minutes ironing’ amongst other things.”

Ada 12, Johnny 11, Eddie 8.


“My perfect Mother’s day is one where all the family comes together to spend time with each other. That’s what it’s about.

The best gift I’ve ever received is the handmade cards that used to come home from school; not shop bought. They wrote some really funny things in them, they’re sentimental.”

Charlotte, Stephen, (and three grandchildren!)


“The perfect Mother’s day is spending time together as a family. It doesn’t matter what we do.

The best gift I’ve ever received is handmade cards. Ruby likes to make cards and all sorts in her bedroom for everyone.”

Kai 14, Ruby 8.

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“My perfect Mother’s day would be sitting with a glass of prosecco and a book with some peace and quiet.

The best gift I’ve ever had was all my meals cooked for me and being pampered all day. Isabell went shopping with her Dad and £10, she was allowed to choose all my gifts. She bought a small box of chocolates (to share!) a bottle of fizz and a top for me, it was nice to think it was what she wanted to get, not influenced by anyone else.”

Isabell 10.


“My perfect Mother’s day is impossible! I’d like all the housework to be done when I get up, all the washing and cleaning, so I have nothing to do but sit and chat with a glass of fizz.

The best gift I’ve ever received was from my mum. My birthday fell on mother’s day and my eldest was just less than a month old. My mum had a huge bunch of flowers delivered to my birthday meal. From the kids I loved when they used to make cards, or save something they’d won on a tombola to give me. Something they’d really thought about.”

Charlotte 26, Alexandra 23, Nick 21, Al 18, Louisa 12


“My perfect Mother’s Day would be spent walking in the Lakes with my family.

The best Mother’s day gift is a canvas of my children.”

Daniel 27, Alex 21, Freya 7.