The Bouncy Castle Wedding

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Angie & Andi’s day

Angie and Andi were married at the beautiful St. Pauls Church in Monk Bretton, with their wedding reception at the Fairway, Barnsley.

They’d opted for the half day wedding photography package, with no bridal preparations wanted, so I went straight to the church to meet Andi. He was standing in the doorway with his best man, looking incredibly smart in his grey suit and pink corsage.

It wasn’t long until the bridesmaids arrived and the guests were ushered out of the sunshine into the church. As Angie pulled up they helped her out of the car and got in line to walk down the aisle.

The Wedding Reception

After the ceremony, we all drove to the Bluebell banqueting suite at the Fairway, Dodworth Barnsley for the afternoon wedding reception. There had been talk of a bouncy castle, and the children found it immediately. During the course of the afternoon there were various acrobatics, and amazing tricks.

We captured the group shots in the garden of the Bluebell, with a mixture of traditional and silly photographs. The boys both loved pulling faces and encouraged everyone else to do the same. I suggested we got their Mum and Dad – the bride and groom – onto the bouncy castle for some fun couple photographs, but it was the boys who persuaded them to climb on!

The children all watched as Angie jumped up and down on the bouncy castle, her dress flowing along with her. Andi helped her bounce off to capture some images on steady ground before I left them for the evening.

My favourite part of the day was the venue. The Bluebell banqueting suite has an enclosed garden that can only be entered through the main room. This meant that the children could all enjoy being outside in the sunshine without the fear of anyone wandering off!

bride and groom exchanging rings in monk bretton church laughing at the altar

bridesmaids waiting for bride to arrive outside monk bretton church barnsley

woman pinning pin k corsage onto young pageboys jacket in church

bride walking dwon the aisle with wedding party in monk bretton church barnlsey

bride and groom at the bottom of the aisle during wedding ceremony monk bretton church barnsley

young girl daydreaming during wedding ceremony in monk bretton church bride and groom in background

bride and groom exchanging rings in monk bretton church laughing at the altar

bride and groom facing the congregation during readings in monk bretton church barnsley

bride and groom hug in monk bretton church during wedding ceremony barnsley

bride and groom walking up the aisle of monk bretton church barnsley

bride and groom wedding bands balck and white photography

bride and groom leaving church surrounded by confetti monk bretton

>children of the wedding on the bouncy castle

natural wedding photographer barnsley bridesmaid in pink dress

pink and white wedding cake and bun tower

groom with groomsmen and sons in matching grey suits brown shoes and pink corsages

groom and sons pulling faces black and white bluebell banqueting suite wedding barnsley photographer

bride and groom on bouncy castle wedding black and white barnsley photography

bride and groom on blue and white bouncy castle fairway barnsley

bride on bouncy castle jumping bluebell weddings barnsley

young bridesmaid doing a flip on a bouncy castle fairway barnsley

silly group wedding photo black and white bluebell banqueting suite dodworth

groom giving speech in front of mirror with bride smiling up at him

three bridesmaids in pink dresses with necklaces at fairway barnsley

barnsley wedding photography bride and groom kiss holding pink and white bouquet

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