The Old Weighing Room Wedding

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Carole & Martin had a gorgeous purple themed wedding at the Old weighing room, Doncaster Racecourse.

After meeting Carole at the I do wedding fayre in Doncaster Racecourse I could tell she was incredibly excited about her wedding. While she and Martin wanted to keep their wedding day simple they also wanted it to be perfect and reflect their personalities.

I met Martin on the morning of the wedding at the Old weighing room. He was greeting guests and catching up with family members in the seating area outside. It was such a lovely warm day, nobody wanted to go in to the ceremony room.

The registrars were the ones to encourage everyone to take their seats just minutes before Carole’s car came around the corner. Her bridesmaids arrived first, both dressed in the same beautiful purple dresses. Her son arrived with her in the wedding car, with a bow tie to match the bridesmaids, and they all made their way down the aisle.

During the ceremony there were readings, poems and songs sung by different friends and family members who had been close to the bride and groom, giving that extra special personal touch to the day.

As the ceremony came to the end I took Carole and Martin for their couples photographs around the grounds of the racecourse. We were soon followed by three lovely ladies who wanted to be a part of their photographs. They helped Carole by carrying her train, and posed beautifully for some photographs with us.

While we were outside the staff changed the room around and set up the tables for the wedding breakfast. Each table had a different country theme full of items the couple had collected on their travels. There was an eclectic mix of things on each table – but it worked.

My favourite part of the day was the wedding flowers. They all looked beautiful, and smelled lovely.

The old weighing room at Doncaster Racecourse set up for a wedding ceremony

Groom at the front of the wedding ceremony room waiting for the bride to arrive and laughing talking to guests

Bride getting out of the wedding car and laughing

White BMW convertible wedding car at the Old Weighing room at doncaster racecourse

Bridesmaids in purple dresses and groomsman in purple bow tie waiting for the bride at the Old Weighing room Doncaster racecourse

Groom waiting for bride at front of ceremony room the Old Weighing Room Doncaster Racecourse

Bridesmaids walking down red carpet aisle in purple dresses with matching bouquets

Bride and Son walking down the aisle together at Old Weighing room Doncaster Racecourse

Bride and Groom meeting at the bottom of the aisel on their wedding day and laughing

Bridesmaid in purple dress holding the bouquets during the wedding ceremony at The Old Weighing Room Doncatser racecourse

Bride and groom exchange rings black and white

Bride reads hand written wedding vows to Groom during their wedding ceremony at the Old Weighing Room Doncaster racecourse

Bride kisses groom on the cheek during their wedding ceremony at the Old Weighing Room Doncaster racecourse

Bride and Groom looking at each other and laughing during their wedding ceremony Doncaster Racecourse Old Weighing room

Purple and white wedding bouquet on white clothed table against a white wall

Bride and Groom facing guests at the end of the wedding ceremony while standing on the red carpet

Bride with her two adult bridesmaids in their purple dresses all holding matching bouquets

Bridesmaids covering brides face with bouquets outside the Old Weighing Room at Doncaster Racecourse

Bridesmaids and Bride laughing with bouquets outside the old weighing room at doncaster racecourse

Groom and Groomsmen showing off their personalised black socks on the steps of the old weighing room doncaster racecourse

Bridesmaid pouring a glass of champagne outside the old weighing room at Doncaser Racecourse and smiling

Bride and groom standing underneath the clock tower and looking at each other at Doncaster Racecourse on their wedding day

Three girls waving at the bride and groom from the ground as they stand in the stadium at Doncatser racecourse

Children in blue dresses helping the bride carry her train across the car park at Doncaster Racecourse wedding

Bride and Groom kissing on the steps inside the old weighing room at Doncaster Racecourse on their wedign day

Paris themed table centrepiece

London themed table centrepiece

Africa themed table centrepiece

Australia themed table centrepiece

Globe and world map table plan at travel themed wedding

Close up of the wedding cake with purple lillies and white iced lace

Purple and white wedding cake with purple lillies and purple ribbon and white iced lace

Bride and groom laughing in the doorway to the Old Weighing room at Doncaster Racecourse

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