Studio Sessions: Pros & Cons

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While we do a lot of work in our photography studio, we understand that it’s not the right environment for everyone. Lifestyle and location sessions are becoming ever more popular. Today we’re talking about the pros and cons of choosing a studio session environment.

Studio Session pros and cons



In a studio environment we have control over almost everything. We can decide on the colour background, props used, and what we do with the lighting. We also don’t need to be concerned about the weather.


This is important when it comes to photographing newborn and maternity sessions. The studio is completely secure, so nobody can sneak in when capturing underwear or naked baby shots.


Every studio will have a few toys or items to keep children entertained, but not hundreds. Studio sessions are usually distraction-free, which helps to keep little ones engaged for longer.


We don’t just mean toilets (although they can be difficult to find in some location sessions). Studios will also have access to drinks facilities, and we always keep a few snacks to hand. There are also a range of photography props that can be used which may not be practical to transport elsewhere.


The time of day has no effect on a studio session. Sessions can be booked any time of day, any time of year, in any weather condition and the results will be the same. This is particularly useful if a session needs to be rearranged.


While there isn’t an infinite amount of space in any studio, it’s usually much more open than a home setting. The studio will know how many people can be accommodated, and there will be no unwanted furniture or objects in the background.

Studio Session pros and cons



To have a studio session you’ll likely have to travel a little way. This is one of the biggest cons of a studio session. It means being prepared on the day of your session and making sure everyone is ready with plenty of time to travel.

Use Google Maps to plan your journey.


Making sure you have everything you need, particularly if there are children attending the session, can be time consuming and result in a few bags of items. While bringing everything to a studio isn’t a problem, forgetting a favourite toy can be.

Studio Session pros and cons

For more information on any of the sessions we offer, or to talk about any of the studio session pros and cons, take a look at the Studio Photography Page.