Top 5 Inspirational Photographers

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Throughout our photographic career, we have come across some wonderful, inspirational photographers who create some magical images. We’ve decided to share our top five inspirational photographers, and what they mean to us.

Ansel Adams

Ansel Easton Adams is a household name in the photography world. He was a landscape photographer who travelled around America and is probably best known for his images of Yosemite.

He worked before the days of digital, and so his images were created on black and white film. He carried all his equipment – camera, tripods, lenses, rolls of film etc. – around with him, occasionally by donkey.

Why we love him

Aside from creating breath-taking photographs, Ansel Adams also taught us that “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Although the idea itself isn’t outrageous, it reaffirms that as a photographer the final image is entirely up to you. You are creating something new, not just taking what the world provides.

(Plus – he shares a birthday with Charlotte!)

Vaughn Sills

Vaughn Sills focuses her photography on our link with the natural world. We know her best for her work “One Family”. She lived with and photographed a family over the course of twenty years. She got to know every family member, with the youngest being just 7 when she began the work.

Why we love her

The portraits of the family that Vaughn Sills captures are mesmerizing. She photographs the fun, happy die of family life, along with the hardships and sadness. Not every image is perfect, but they do hold the emotion of the person or people in them.

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus was a portrait photographer who lived in New York. She is best known for photographing people on the outskirts of society. She photographed giants, dwarfs, circus performers and drag acts with no judgement.

Some of the subjects in her photographs were contacted and a photo shoot arranged, however, there were images she captured just by walking around the city and asking permission from people she felt were interesting.

Why we love her

Diane Arbus has been said to have spoken very softly, and almost blend into the background. She was unobtrusive, and captured people as they were. Her images portray different personalities from various walks of life. Capturing people as they are, with no judgement is something we try to do in each one of our images.

Martin Parr

Martin Parr is a documentary photographer who is known for his bright, intimate photography. He photographs what real people do, and how they do it. One image that stands out for us is a family on holiday eating their fish and chips next to an overflowing bin. It isn’t glamorous, but it is real.

Why we love him

The ‘no frills’ approach Martin Parr has to his photography is fascinating to us. Before looking at his work in depth we’d crop, cut and edit out any part of an image that we didn’t see as beautiful. His work has reminded us that while some things can be hidden, some are better left untouched.

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a portrait photographer currently working in America. She has been most recently known for her Disney range, where she transformed celebrities into various Disney characters. She has photographed many famous faces, including John Lennon, Jennifer Lawrence and The Rolling Stones.

Why we love her

Annie Leibovitz has said that she likes to get to know each of her subjects, and make them her friends. This idea that rather than taking a photograph you’re getting to know a person is something we love to do. Everyone seems to have a ‘posed smile’, but when you take the time to speak to someone and get to know them a little their true feelings, personality and smile come to the surface.

This is shown in her work, and we hope we’re able to show it in ours a little bit too!

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