What Do I Wear To A Photo Shoot?

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One of the most common questions we get asked is “What should I wear to my photo shoot?” It might seem like a simple decision, but your outfit can completely change the look and feel of your images.

We’ve put together our 5 tips for deciding what to wear to a photo shoot.

Be Comfortable

This is the most important thing when choosing your outfit. If you’re not comfortable then it will show in the images. If you’re the kind of person who spends their life in baggy tops and yoga leggings, wearing a pencil skirt and shirt isn’t the best choice. It’s probably going to throw you out of your comfort zone and you’ll look awkward in the photographs. Also consider physical comfort. If you’d love to have a shoot in heels make sure they’re super soft – or kick them off every so often to stop too many aches.

Be Yourself

One of our main aims in a studio session is to capture your personality. If you don’t look like yourself it’s almost impossible to capture the real you. You’ll have your own sense of style so flaunt it! Whether you’re having family photographs or professional headshots make sure you choose clothes that are true to yourself.

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Most of our sessions include at least two people. Make sure you’ve had a conversation about what you’re going to wear to the photo shoot beforehand. Try to pick a style (smart-casual is popular) and use that as a guide. Try to wear colours that complement each other, and avoid busy patterns. If you’re responsible for dressing children make sure you talk about them too.

Bring a Change

We would always recommend bringing a change of clothes. Try choosing an outfit that’s in a different style or colour pallet to your first choice. This will give good variation in your final images. If you’re in a large group just changing your top is a good way to change your look without spending too much time getting ready. This is also a great quick-change option for children who just want to play.

Remember Who it’s For

The final thing to consider when you’re choosing what to wear for your photo shoot is who your session is for. Are you having a large print made for your Grandparents? Are you here for your Mum? Is it to document a personal stage in your life? Considering whom your final images are for and where they’re going to be displayed will influence your decision. For example – if your Grandparents are having a wall sized print you might avoid t-shirts with swear words or a miniskirt.

Purple flowers decorating the inside of the church with the altar in the background

To see some examples of what our past clients have worn to their photo shoots, take a look at the gallery in our Studio page.