11 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist

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Wedding flowers can be the perfect way to tie in all the colours of your day. From ceremony room decorations to centrepieces, button holes and bridal bouquets, they all come under the wedding flower umbrella. So how do you choose the best wedding florist for you? We’ve put together 11 questions to ask your wedding florist to help you make your decision.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist Bridal bouquet by Plantology Division street

The Basics

Are you available on my date?
Before you begin the consultation process, you’ll need to check if the florist is available for your date.

How many weddings do you work per day?
This is a good question to ask your wedding florist, as they all have different policies. Some florists will only work one wedding per weekend; others will have the capacity to take on multiple weddings. Just make sure you know what to expect.

How far will you travel?
If you’re looking at local florists but your wedding venue is further afield, there may be an additional travel cost. Make sure you’re aware of the travel limitations at the first consultation.

Is there an extra cost for venue set up?
Some florists will include venue set up in their initial price, for others it will be an additional cost. If the flowers will need to be taken down at the end of the day, check the costs for this too.

What is your preferred style?
Each florist will have their own style. Some will specialise in bright bouquets, others will love using foliage. As with all your suppliers, your wedding florist needs to be able to match your wedding vision.

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist The bridal bouquet by passion flowers with roses and sunflowers

The Details

What flowers are in season?
Knowing which flowers are in season during the month of your wedding will help you plan your style. Your florist will be able to help with this, and suggest alternatives too.

Would you collaborate with the Cake maker?
We’re seeing more couples choose to have real flowers on their cakes. Check if this is something your florist (and cake maker) is happy to do before finalising your design.

Do you provide podiums, vases etc?
There are a lot of ways to display your wedding flowers, and your florist may have podiums, vases, hoops and stands available to hire. Make sure you’re clear on the hire agreement, including costs, returns and what happens if there are any damages.

When do I need to approve the final design?
While this isn’t one of the most essential questions to ask your wedding florist, it’s always a good idea to have this date written into your wedding plan. Finalising your design is a big deal, and you won’t want to rush it because it’s been forgotten.

What time will the flowers arrive on the wedding morning?
If you’ve chosen a reputable florist, your flowers will arrive in plenty of time. You will need to know what time they’re planning on delivering them, and if there is anything you need to do to store them on the morning.

What fastening do you use for buttonholes?
Traditionally buttonholes are secured with a fancy pin. However, we’ve seen more and more florists adopting magnets as fastenings. Magnets don’t work with every type of buttonhole, but they’re much easier to use than pins and don’t put holes in your clothes either!

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Florist Bridal bouquet at Whitley Hall Hotel Wedding

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