5 Alternative Bouquet Ideas

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While most couples are still opting for the traditional real flower wedding bouquets, more and more we’re seeing alternative options being used. Here are our top 5 alternative bouquet ideas for your wedding day.

Foam Flowers

A foam bouquet is a wonderful way to have the flowers you’d like, in any season. They’re lightweight, can be made in almost any colour, and (depending on the colour you choose) look just like real flowers. They also last forever without having to have them dried or frozen.
Real Wedding Inspiration: Keeley & Adam
Made By: Crystal Foam Flowers

The bridal bouquet by Crystal Foam Wedding Flowers Alternative Bouquet Ideas

Recycled Flowers

If you’d like to help the environment with your wedding flowers, a recycled bouquet is a good option. There are lots of companies that make flowers from plastic bottles in all shapes, colours and sizes.
Wedding Inspiration: Eco Blooms

Fabric Flowers

Fabric flowers give your whole bouquet an alternative vintage feel. They can be made from almost any fabric, meaning they can match your wedding outfits exactly. One of our favourite things about fabric flowers is they look nothing like the real thing, which is exactly how it should be.
Real Wedding Inspiration: Emma & Karl
Made By: The Bride

Alternative Bouquet Ideas


The biggest alternative to a wedding bouquet is to not have one at all! Instead use accessories for your bridesmaids to carry. Parasols are popular, and there’s a growing trend of having animals at weddings too!

Button Bouquet

Button bouquets have lost popularity in the past couple of years, but we still love them. They’re sentimental, especially if the buttons and brooches in them are family heirlooms or collected by your wedding party. They can be heavy, but they last forever and can be passed down for generations. They’re also a great way to include your something old, new, borrowed and blue!
Real Wedding Inspiration: Lauren & James
Made By: The Bridal Party

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