5 Perfect Winter Wedding Colours

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Winter weddings have a huge range of colours available. Whether you’re looking for deep warm colours or icy tones, we’ve put together our 5 winter wedding colours to inspire your wedding theme.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a beautiful way to bring elegance to your winter wedding. It can be used in your table decorations, for chair covers and accents on your bridesmaid dresses or bouquets. It can be matched with blue suits and a little sparkle for the finishing touch.

Deep Red

This is one of the classic winter wedding colours. Deep red can be used in flowers, table decorations, dresses and pocket squares. Red rose bouquets are both romantic and fit with this colour scheme. To make it look a little Christmassy, pair it with gold or green. If you’re not looking for the festive look, try matching it with a blue or dusky pink.

Real Wedding Inspiration: Jon & Emma

Winter Wedding Colours The Bride with her red rose bouquet and her engagement rings Barnsley Town Hall Wedding

Forest Green

Forest green is one of our favourite colours. It works really well as a dress colour and for ties and waistcoats too. It can be matched with earthy colours for a natural, rustic feel to your day, or add some red holly berries for a touch of Christmas.


If you’re looking for a magical colour scheme, silver is worth thinking about. We love sparkly silver bridesmaid dresses, and all things glitter. It can be matched with a dusky blue or grey colour to give your overall look a little more warmth.


Plum is a fantastic colour for outfits and accessories. It suits almost everyone and gives warmth to any winter wedding. It can be paired with almost any tone of green to create a natural overall feel to your day.

Winter Wedding Colours Bridal shoes and wedding rings Barnsley Town Hall Wedding

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