6 Ways to Ask: ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

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Choosing someone to spend the rest of your life with as Husband and Wife is a huge deal. Throughout the process of bad dates, breakups and makeups your future bridesmaids will have been by your side. While simply asking with words will get the job done, there are so many creative and thoughtful ways to ask your best girls “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Here are our favourite six.

A Personalised Gift Box

These can be made in all shapes and sizes and personalised for each of your bridesmaids. They can be bought already made up, or you can DIY for that extra special touch. Just don’t forget to include the all-important question!

Here’s one of our favourites from Milly Inspired.

Wine Labels

Wine labels are a really simple idea that suit all ages. Not that we’re suggesting giving under 18’s wine (or any alcohol for that matter). But wine labels can be stuck to any bottle. Whether your girls love prosecco, or are more likely to go for a Dr.Pepper, the message is the same.

You can find these on Etsy


Having text put onto glasses gives your bridesmaids a heartfelt but useful gift. Having everyone’s name on a glass can be extra helpful when everyone has a drink on the morning of the wedding!

Secret Mug Message

This is one of our favourites. Get all your girls round for a cuppa, and give them a mug with the message printed at the bottom. They’ll only realise what’s going on when they’ve finished their drinks!

You can get these ingenious mugs over at The Letter Loft UK.

Letter Necklace

Giving all your girls the same style necklace, personalised with their initial or birthstone, ticks all sorts of boxes. It’s a thoughtful gift that they can wear anytime – including your wedding day. It means there’s nothing additional to give on the wedding day, and that nobody has to worry about what jewellery to wear.

Bloom Boutique is our favourite shop for personalised jewellery.

Host a Party

This may take a little more effort, but in ensures all your girls are together and can start celebrating immediately. Get everyone in the same place, whether it’s your house, a cocktail bar or your local pub, and present them with a “Will you be my bridesmaid” balloon each. They’ll love the gesture and you can continue celebrating as long as you’d like.

Don’t forget – your bridesmaids aren’t going to let you down because you didn’t get them a gift. Just saying the words “Will you be my bridesmaid?” are enough. To your best friends, being asked to be by your side on your big day will show how much they mean to you.

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