7 Wedding Favour Ideas

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Wedding favours are a lovely addition to any wedding breakfast table. Traditionally each eligible guest would receive 5 sugared almonds of different colours, each representing a wish for life. In recent times we’ve moved away from the almonds and their meaning, and a whole world of wedding favours has opened up. We’ve taken a look at some of our most recent weddings to share some of their wedding favour ideas with you.

1. Keeley & Adam – Sweets

Who doesn’t love sweets at a wedding? They’re suitable for all ages and simple to do well. Keeley and Adam had their sweets put into coloured paper bags in keeping with their colour scheme. They had stickers printed with their wedding details and popped one on each bag before filling it with a mix of sweets. The favour also doubled up as the sweet cart, so they made an easy saving too.

Wedding favours at Tankersley Manor Wedding

2. Karyn & Andy – Personalised M&M’s

Did you know that you can get M&M’s with your face on them? Neither did we until we went to Karyn and Andy’s wedding. They had their faces and wedding date printed on these little chocolates, popped them into plastic boxes and presented them as their wedding favours.

Name place at Rockingham Arms Wentworth wedding

Personalised M&M's wedding favour

3. Gemma & Michael – Shots

This one was only for the adults! (The children all received a sweet cone and activity pack.) Gemma and Michael gave their guests a small jar with a shot inside. At the end of the speeches they invited everyone to raise their jar and shot together.

Shots in jars at Holiday Inn Barnsley

4. Alex & Alastair – Irn Bru & Spirits

What do you give guests at a Scottish wedding? Irn-Bru, obviously. In addition to the orange drink Alex & Alastair also gave their guests a miniature bottle of spirit each. There were four in total; vodka, gin, run and whiskey. They were spread evenly among the tables and guests traded for their favourites at the wedding breakfast.

5. Dan & Julie – Photograph & Cupcake

Finding your seat at Dan & Julie’s wedding was an activity in itself. Instead of name cards, they opted for photographs of their guests. Some were recent, some from childhood, but they all sparked a conversation. Alongside these were beautifully decorated cupcakes.

Photograph name card at Rogerthorpe Manor

Photograph name card at Rogerthorpe Manor

6. Emily & Mat – Personalised Keyrings

On each place setting at Emily & Mat’s wedding was a personalised key ring, presented on a small piece of wood with a pencil and paper. A lot of thought had gone into these and all the guests loved them.

Personlaised keyring wedding favour

Personlaised keyring wedding favour

7. Kate & Andrew – Ceramic Heart

Each guest at Kate & Andrew’s wedding came away with a beautiful, hand decorated pink ceramic heart. Kate and her friends made them for the wedding, and each had the date and the initials ‘K & A’ on them. Each one was unique and made with love.

While wedding favours have become a big part of the wedding day, they are by no means essential. We’ve photographed a few weddings in the past 12 months where the couple have decided to save money, and not give any favours. If you’re currently planning a wedding this may seem like a shocking idea, but we can promise you this – the guests at those weddings didn’t mind at all.

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