Alternative Wedding Invitations

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When it comes to wedding invitations things have changed a lot over the past few years. While some couples are still opting for the traditional paper style, we’re seeing more and more creative ideas. Here are just a few alternative wedding invitation ideas to get you started.

Physical Wedding Invitations

Tea Towel
A personalised tea towel is a great way to give an invitation. It’s a useful gift and can be either professionally designed, or done in your own hand writing.

The tea towels by Wedding Tea Towels come in a huge range of personalised designs. Prices start at £145.

THe Original Wedding Tea Towel

Giving tickets fits in with so many themes. It’s particularly apt for a destination wedding! They can also be used to tie in with a festival or film theme. Having your bridesmaids or groomsmen check tickets as guests enter is a fun way to make your wedding invitations a part of your day too.

These tickets by Wedfest Weddings start at £2.
Alternative wedding invitation ticket

Whether it’s a map of your relationship, or directions from the church to your reception venue, map wedding invitations can be fun and practical.

Find your wedding invitation map from Bespoke Invites. Prices start at £1.29.

Alternative wedding invitation map

We love this idea! Having your guests put together their own invitation in a jigsaw form is so creative. There are lots of places to design your own, and you can include both text and images too.

This jigsaw from Rustic Wood & Love starts from £5.63.

Alternative wedding invitation jigsaw

Who doesn’t love a good mug? Not only will a mug wedding invitation give your wedding guests all the information they need, but it’s a lovely keepsake of your day.

This personalised message mug from Sarah Hurley starts at £14.95.

Alternative wedding invitation mug

Scratch Card
Scratch card wedding invitations can be created as part of a theme, or just to be a little bit different. The scratch element can be almost any shape or size, and they’re definitely memorable.

These scratch cards from Sarah Hurley start at £4.95.

Alternative wedding invitation scratch card

This one takes a little more effort. Create a CD of all your favourite songs with your wedding information as the cover. Just make sure your guests are old enough to own a CD player first!

This will always be a win in our book. Giving a flavoured cupcake with the details on the case will always go down well. You can make it more personal by adding a personalised sugar paper photo of yourselves on top.

Virtual Wedding Invitations

Emailing your guests may not sound glamorous, but it works really well and can save a lot of the costs involved with physical invitations. Adding a link to RSVP on your wedding website makes it easy for guests to get back to you too. If you’re looking for something a little fancier than a standard email, take a look at Giftast’s digital wedding stationary.

A group text isn’t for everyone, but we’ve had a few in the past months, and they work. We got all the information we needed and could reply straight away.

Phone Call
Ringing your guests is a little more personal. Just make sure that your phone bill won’t go through the roof, and that everyone writes your date on their calendar!

Wedding Website
A wedding website is the most intricate way to virtually invite your wedding guests to your day. You can make it as elaborate or simple as you’d like, and if you use a dedicated site it doesn’t cost the earth either.

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