Engagement Photographs: Top Tips

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As part of all our wedding photography packages we include a pre-wedding, or engagement shoot. This shoot happens a few months before your wedding (to find out what it’s all about take a look at our guide to your pre-wedding session). Today we wanted to share some of our favourite engagement photographs, and top tips for making the most of your session.

Don’t hold back the laughter! We’ll be giggling along with you, so let it all out. Laughter makes your face light up, especially when you’re laughing with the person you love.

Couple laughing at their pre-wedding session at Cubley hall

Bring your family. Whether it’s your children or fur babies, they’re welcome to attend your engagement session. They’re a big part of your life – don’t leave them out.

Pre-wedding Session at Holiday Inn Barnsley

Choose a special location. We usually recommend using your wedding venue for the pre-wedding session, for two reasons. The first is practical – we’ll have the opportunity to look around it together to see where all your favourite spots are. The second is emotional – your venue will always hold important memories for you, and we like to build on that. However, if you would like to hold your engagement session elsewhere, we’re happy to do so.

Pre-wedding session at Monk Bretton Priory Lundwood

Coordinate. We’re not suggesting you wear matching outfits, but just as with all our sessions, you’ll need to coordinate your style. If one of you is wearing jeans and the other a bow tie, your engagement photographs can look a little odd.

Couple standing in a faield with Wentworth Church in the background with sun glare in the image

Talk to your photographer. If you’re nervous, hate being photographed, or just prefer to be on one side, say so. Telling your photographer these things in advance will help them to make you feel relaxed in front of the camera, and create the images you want.

Pre-wedding session Locke Park

Trust your photographer. This one is huge for any photography session, not just engagement photographs. If you trust your photographer you’ll automatically feel more comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll know that the direction they’re giving you will make your images look exactly how you want them to, and not be uncomfortable with anything they’re asking.

Couple look at each other smiling at Tankersley Manor

Be yourself. We’ve all seen the images online of the perfect romantic couple. If that fits you, then we’ll absolutely create those images. However, if your relationship is less romance and more laughter, that’s what we’ll capture. Trying to fit into something you’re not will create awkward images that aren’t true to you – and that’s not what we’re looking for at all.

Engaged couple at their pre-wedding session at Bagden Hall Hotel huddersfield

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