Hen Party Ideas

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Throwing the perfect Hen Party can be a big challenge. Everyone will want it to be the perfect day for the bride to be, but what kind of party would she want? We’ve put together a few Hen Party Ideas to help you decide.


Everyone loves a holiday. Sun, sea, sand and cocktails. Sounds perfect.
Lots of holiday resorts now cater for Hen parties. You can bag some VIP tables, private cruises and even private spots on the beach.

There are downsides to going abroad – the biggest one being not everyone may be able to come. It can be costly, and if your hens have families they may not be able to leave them for more than a day. If you’re opting for this style party make sure that it’s what your Bride to be would really love.

Night Out

A big night out might not sound Hen party worthy, but you have the opportunity to make it extra special. Most cocktail bars now offer food and cocktail making experiences. You can book VIP booths, invest in drinks packages for your party and have a good old boogie.

Going out for an evening may not be for everyone, especially if your Bride to be would like to ask older members of her family. Starting the evening off with a meal or a couple of drinks somewhere local can help them to be involved too.

Hen Party Ideas

Adventure Day

Did you know that you can host hen parties at places like Go Ape? No? Neither did we until a couple of weeks ago. It’s a fun alternative to a boozy day out, and a wonderful bonding experience as you encourage each other to jump from terrifying heights.

Having an adventure day will exclude some people based on a couple of things. Age and ability will play a big part, but also fear! Following a day like this with a meal or afternoon tea is a good way to keep everyone included.


Doing it yourself is a lot of work, but can be the perfect day for the right Hen. Hiring a venue, then filling it with your own decorations is the easy part. You’ll then need to think of a few games and how to feed your girls. When the logistics are done it can be an amazing day.

Nobody is excluded from this day which makes it perfect for ladies of all ages and with families. It can be created under any budget. As long as everyone who attends brings their best smiles your Bride to be will have an amazing time.

Weekend retreat

Getting away for a weekend can sometimes be just what you need. There are lots of holiday cottages and party houses that can be hired; some even come with optional extras such as massage, cocktail or cooking experiences. It can be as relaxed or busy as you’d like it to be.

The houses have restrictions on numbers in terms of sleeping, but if you choose somewhere close enough ladies that didn’t want to stay the night could just attend for the day activities. Make sure you have a budget to stick to when organising additional activities. Everything looks so good it’s very easy to let it run away with you.

Hen Party Ideas

If you’re really struggling with what to do for your Bride to be, the safest option is to ask her. Let her give you a few hen party ideas and choose from those. It’ll still be a surprise, but you’ll know that she’s getting a hen party she’s going to love.

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