How To Ask Your Wedding Guests To Share Their Photographs (and make it easy for them!)

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Hiring a professional wedding photographer for your day means you’ll have a set of beautiful photographs that are full of memories you can treasure forever. However, it can take a few weeks for your professional photographer to get all your images back to you. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to see a LOT of wedding photographs the morning after your big day.

This is where your family and friends come in.

Today we’re talking about some of the ways you can ask your wedding guests to share their photographs with you, and how to make it so easy that they will.

Prepare People

For most wedding ‘jobs’, your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents are the go-to people. However, if you’d like any photographs around your ceremony* and group shots, these people aren’t your best bet.

They’ll all be busy with other tasks; greeting your guests, showing people to their seats, walking down the aisle and being in group shots with you. Asking some of your other friends and family to capture certain moments of the day will mean you get to see some of the most poignant photographs the morning after.

* While everyone loves a good walking down the aisle photograph, if you have asked your guests to capture parts of the ceremony let your photographer know. They can work with your guests and make sure they’re not obstructing any of your professional photographs. There’s always an opportunity for guests to capture the signing of the marriage schedule after the ceremony, and walking back up the aisle too.

Spread The Word

When you’ve got your key moments covered, spread the word to your other guests. Your wedding guests won’t know you’d like them to share their photographs with you unless you ask them.

Whether it’s a sign on the tables, a social media post the day before the wedding or something written on the invites, make sure your wedding guests know how to share their images with you.

Make It Simple

There are lots of ways to share images nowadays. We have a whole separate post with a few of our favourtes here.

Whichever one you choose, make sure all your wedding guests will find it simple and easy to use.

Set Boundaries

Finally, set your boundaries. If you’d like to keep all images off social media until after your evening guests have arrived, tell your day guests. If you want to be the first to post about your day, make sure everyone knows.

Just don’t forget to tell your wedding guests when they can share their photographs!

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