How To Choose Your Wedding Playlist

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Choosing the music for your wedding day isn’t always the top of the wedding planning list. But there are a handful of key moments throughout the day that will require a song or two to set the right atmosphere. Here we’re giving you some advice on how to choose your wedding playlist – as well as some examples from real couples.

Guests Arriving

As your guests start to arrive, background music can help to set the tone of the day. Some venues will have a ‘go to’ playlist, usually of soft music, that you can use. However, to give it that personal touch we’d suggest choosing a few songs of your own.

This playlist will be background music, and not listened to too intently. Having some songs that your guests will know is a good idea, but don’t be upset if nobody really pays attention to this one.

Walking Down The Aisle

The music for walking down the aisle will be played into an otherwise silent room. This is a moment you’ll remember forever, so it needs to be a song or piece of music that gives you the feeling you want when walking down the aisle.

Some couples like to have a traditional piece of music; others choose a more upbeat and more relaxed song. It should reflect you as a couple, and will set the tone of the ceremony.

See what some of our real couples chose here.

Ring reader and flower girl walking down the aisle at Burntwood Chapel

Signing The Marriage Document

At the end of the ceremony there’s a pause of a few minutes in order to sign the marriage document. The playlist for this section of the day can be a continuation of the guests arriving playlist, or something different entirely.

Most couples choose some soft, modern songs to play as background music while guests chat amongst themselves. Snow Patrol, Elton John, Adele and The Lumineers are very popular choices. If you’re struggling to choose, your venue will likely have a playlist you can tap into.

Wedding Exit

Walking back up the aisle as a married couple is another big moment in your wedding day. Here you can choose to go for a traditional wedding march, or something you can dance back up the aisle to.

It’s worth remembering that while you’ll lead your guests out of the ceremony room – and therefore only hear a few seconds of your chosen song – your guests will follow you out and hear much more of it (so make sure it’s appropriate the whole way through!).

Here you’ll find some of the songs our real couples chose for their wedding exit.

Couple smiling after their wedding ceremony at Cubley Hall Penistone

The Wedding Breakfast

Background music for your wedding breakfast isn’t essential, but it is a simple way to get the right atmosphere for your meal.

Our couples tend to choose soft, instrumental pieces for this part of the day. Having a playlist full of classical instruments playing modern songs is also becoming very popular.

First Dance

Your first dance should be a reflection of you as a couple. It’s the final ‘official’ part of your day, and the last time you’re both centre of attention. Choose a song you’ll love – and forget what’s traditional!

We collected some first dance songs from our real couples here.

Evening Music

Finally your evening playlist needs to be entirely focused on your guests.

Usually there’s a DJ or band involved at this point, but they may ask for some key songs to play to get your guests moving. If you’re unsure what to suggest for the evening – ask! Have your guests tell you their favourite dancefloor songs or artists and put together a playlist from that. And always make sure it’s clear whether your DJ will accept requests on the night too.

Guests on the dancefloor at Wortley Hall Hotel

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  1. Robin Scott

    We love your tips. Our wedding venue keeps asking us for a play list. We would prefer a selection we could pick from rather than have to think so hard on this. Sure it’s nice to pick our wedding dance song and we chose The Beach Boys, God only knows, but as for the rest we just don’t have any preference.

    • Charlotte

      If you really have no preference to the other music, a few helpful people on Spotify have made their playlists public so you can use those for inspiration (or copy!). We used a few from the Piano Guys and the Brooklyn Sessions for our guest arrival music – it set the mood of the day perfectly.