How To Deal With Dietary Requirements At Your Wedding

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There ae a million things to think about for your wedding day, and the dietary requirements of your guests can feel like a stressful job if it’s not taken into consideration early in the planning process. Today we’re giving you our expert advice on how to deal with dietary requirements at your wedding.

Write down what you know

While you won’t know the dietary requirements of every person on your list, there’s a good chance you’ll know a few. Before you confirm your venue, write down the names of people you know have dietary requirements and what they are.

Then split them into two columns; day guests and evening guests.

Talk to your venue

Before confirming your venue, talk to them about how they deal with dietary requirements. Use the list you’ve already created to give them examples of the types of requirements you may need to cater for. Check that the meal options are just as delicious as a standard dish, and ask about any additional costs involved.

Remember, it’s not just your wedding breakfast that needs to be considered. If you’re having canapes and an evening buffet they’ll need to be catered for your wedding guests’ dietary requirements, as will any welcome drinks available.

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Add dietary requirements to your invitations

Have a section of your invitations dedicated to dietary requirements, and make it clear how you would like that information passing back to you. Try and make it as simple as possible for them, but also for you. This could be a separate card, a text or an email.

As soon as you have a response, add the person’s requirement next to their name on your guest list so it’s not lost. There’s a lot to organise for a wedding, and you don’t want to deal with an unconscious guest because you missed their text stating their nut allergy!

Tell your caterers

When giving your final numbers, your caterers will ask for any allergies or dietary requirements. Giving them a list of names with the individual requirements is always a good idea.

Some venues and catering companies will then create a separate plate for guests with requirements – complete with their name so there are no mix ups or contamination.

Consider your cake

We’re not suggesting you make a full cake for one person, but if you do have a handful of wedding guests with dietary requirements it may be worth having a tier that covers all their needs. Having a tier that’s gluten free, dairy free and vegan is a very real option (and is still delicious!).

If your wedding cake isn’t suitable for all your guests, make sure they know to stay away from it. We guarantee it won’t ruin their evening.


On the day of your wedding, take a breath and relax. Your venue and catering staff will make sure that all your guests’ needs are met. Trust that they’ll get it right, and enjoy your day!

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