How To Plan A Wedding During A Pandemic

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This past year has been a learning curve to say the least. A lot has changed, and we’ve been helping couples as much as we possibly can. So, today we wanted to share some of the things we’ve learned about how to plan a wedding during a pandemic.

Have Plan A, B & C

Having multiple plans might seem like an odd piece of advice, but there are a few reasons we think it’s a good idea. The first, and probably most important, is that it will help to reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Knowing what you’ll do in each likely situation takes away any uncertainty, and helps keep the wedding planning experience an enjoyable one.

We’d suggest having a plan for the best case scenario. Include everyone you’d like to invite, and assume you’ll be able to have your full wedding reception.

Plan B should include a reduced amount of guests, and the possibility of no evening reception. There’s the possibility of booking a first anniversary party to include everyone when it’s safe to do so.

Plan C is the very least you could do on your day, being married with two witnesses. Research the best video call software so everyone can still be involved in your day.
If you’d prefer to reschedule your wedding rather than cut numbers, let your guests and suppliers know as far in advance as possible. From talking to our couples in 2020, the not knowing is far worse than making a decision and sticking to it.

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Book Trusted Suppliers

This is true no matter when your wedding is taking place, but it’s possibly even more important during uncertain times. Having suppliers that you trust will help you to communicate with them in an honest way, and be confident that they’re being honest with you too.
Read your contracts and ask about anything you’re unsure of. Make sure you’re happy with their terms for rearranging or downsizing the day too. Every supplier that worked in 2020 will have a plan for both of these circumstances.

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Stay In Touch

Communication is important. Keep your suppliers and guests up to date with your wedding plans to avoid any upset or confusion. A wedding website is a great way to keep all your guests up to date at the same time.

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Stay On Track

It’s easy to fall behind in wedding planning when you’re surrounded by uncertainty, but here’s the thing: some couples are still booking. If there’s a supplier you love, make sure you contact them and book them in for your date.

You’ll also need to send your Save The Date cards and invitations out in plenty of time to gather your guests responses and to make sure nobody makes other plans for your day.
Finally, stay on track with your payments. Your contracts will state when payments should be made to each supplier. Keeping on track will take a load off your mind.

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Keep Up To Date

This is a boring, but important part of how to plan a wedding during a pandemic.
Read the news, know the rules, stick to the guidelines, and don’t do anything illegal.
In 2020 weddings were broken up for being over the legal amount of guests, and everyone fined (including the venue). The only reason police should turn up to your wedding is if you’ve invited them.

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Be Kind

The best piece of advice we can give you is to be kind. Planning a wedding during a pandemic is a stressful time, not just for couples but for the whole wedding industry. Kindness costs nothing, and makes your wedding planning a much nicer experience too.

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The Bigger Picture

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the romance of your wedding day, but it’s worth reminding yourself of the bigger picture. At the end of your wedding day you’ll be married to the person you love. That’s more important than anything.

Next we’re explaining the Marriage banns, giving notice, and what it all means.