Marriage Tips From Real Couples

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We’ve spoken a lot about how to plan your perfect wedding, with tips on styles, colours and accessories which got us thinking – what tips can we give you when it comes to your marriage? Here are some marriage tips from real couples.

“I would say the ultimate tip would be talk to each other! Share your thoughts, good and bad. It will make you closer and feel like you’re not in things by yourself. Make time to have fun with each other. Whether that’s going on a night out, a night at home or just an hour to listen to each other chatting whilst making tea! It makes a difference.” Leanne & Jamie

“Have your own interests as well as shared ones. Make time together. Ours is walking, preferably in the Lakes!”Rebecca & Alan

“All I can say is make time for each other, and ask how each other are.” Keeley & Adam

The exchange of the rings at Tankersley Manor Hotel Wedding

“Accept the peaks and troughs of marriage, like any relationship it will have its ups and downs. Whenever you find yourself in a ‘trough’ with your partner, consciously change your mind-set and make yourself remember all the good things about them. And remember that soon will come a ‘peak’.
Laugh together as often as you can. Watch a funny film. Show each other funny things. Tell each other jokes. Remind each other of funny times/stories. When you laugh it’s easy to love.
Do not get married lightly. Think hard and be certain.”
Anne & Jim

“It takes two to make a marriage work well. Never go to bed on an argument or disagreement. Be there for each other, always. Be able to share your thoughts and feelings if you need to too. A happy marriage makes a happy home for all.” – Pauline & John

“Don’t do it! I’m kidding. On a serious note, never go to sleep on an argument and say thank you, even for the smallest things.”Helen & Nick

Bride and Groom signing the register at Whitley Hall Wedding

“Always talk to your spouse about anything that’s bothering you, no matter how big or small! You’re both in marriage for the long haul and talking is key.” Kerensa & Michael

My advice would be to always be open and honest with each other. Try to be accepting of each other’s difference of opinions and work through them. Never go to sleep on bad terms.Tara & Tom

“Pick your battles. Something might seem really important in the short term, but you need to step back and think about whether it’s something you actually want to fight about. You need to work together on a solution, nothing is black and white.
Also, time apart. It’s SO important to have your own hobbies and interests outside of one another. Adam plays his PlayStation for a bit of ‘me time’ but I’m more likely to head out for a run, or write in my journal. It’s okay to need time to yourself.
And finally: married life changes when you have a baby. You think it won’t, but it does. You think you love your partner more than anyone else in the world, but that changes when a baby comes along. Your priorities change, YOU change (both of you) and you need to work as a team to raise this little human. Adam has always been supportive of my breastfeeding, and knows sometimes I need extra help like food/drink being brought to me. That kind of support is invaluable and you need to both support each other to stop any sort of resentment growing.

Try living together first, find out how you deal with all the silly little arguments that happen when you’re in each others company. Get to know, and if possible, get on with your in-laws. It makes it much easier when trying to organise events like Easter and Christmas.”– Steph & Adam

“Don’t go to sleep on an argument, she’ll wake up and remember it the day after. Take a moment to take in the big day, it’ll go so quickly and you’ll wake up the next morning and wonder what actually happened. Write your grooms speech down; don’t think you’ll remember it. You won’t. Book a good photographer, it’s worth it! We booked an awesome one and we have memories that will last forever!”Gemma & Anthony

Are there any tips you think we’ve missed? Let us know.

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