Save The Dates: A Guide

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Save the dates come with a whole host of questions. What are they? Who are they sent to? When should they be sent? Are they necessary? In this guide we’re answering all of your save the date questions.

What Is A Save The Date?

A save the date is a pre-runner to your wedding invitations. It can be sent through the post or digitally to guests you will invite to your wedding. It should give your guests enough notice to mark your wedding on their calendars, but doesn’t need to include all the details of your day.

Do I Need To Send Save The Dates?

You don’t need to send save the dates, but it is a good idea. It allows your guests to plan around your date, and helps to ensure everyone can make it. This is particularly important if you’re getting married during the summer months, as many people book holidays months in advance. It’s also helpful for certain professions who need to request their days off for the following 6 months all in one chunk.

When Should I send Save The Dates?

We don’t recommend sending save the dates more than a year in advance. Friendships alter and families grow, so you may have to revisit your guest list closer to the time of your wedding. A year in advance shouldn’t see too many changes. If you’re just 6 months away from your wedding, it may be worth skipping the save the dates and sending invitations straight away.

Just because you’ve not sent save the dates doesn’t mean you can’t tell people about your plans. A call or text to your closest family, friends who live far away, or people who have complicated schedules is all that’s needed to make sure they can be there, and that excitement about your day starts to grow!

Who Should I Send A Save The Date To?

Save the dates should be sent to anyone you’re certain you’ll invite to your wedding. If you send a save the date to someone, you need to invite them to your day. Sending a save the date and then changing your mind is the equivalent of un-inviting someone, which isn’t acceptable.

What Information Should Be Included?

Your save the date cards should include:
The names of the couple, the date of the wedding, the location, and the names of who is invited.
Some couples choose to have simple save the dates printed, and put the guest names on the envelope. While this is an excellent idea for saving money, we strongly recommend putting the guest names on the save the dates too, even if it’s on the back. This stops any confusion about who is invited to what, and is particularly important when it comes to families with children.


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