Top 8 Wedding Websites

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A wedding website is a simple way to keep all your wedding day information in one place. They can be used to map out the details of your venue, keep track of your guests RSVPs and guests can access them any time from any device – meaning they won’t need to carry an invitation around when making plans.

Here we’ve done a quick round up of our favourite free wedding websites with the pros and cons of each one.


Joy is an easy to use wedding website builder that is completely free.

Good Points
No additional paid for features
Unlimited guest list
Mobile app
Digital Invitations
Image gallery for you and your guests
No time limit (website stays up forever!)

Negative Points
Some features can only be accessed/edited on a computer (not on mobile)
Guests are required to have the app to upload images
Personalised domain not available through Joy

Joy is one of the most popular wedding websites, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. It’s simple to set up, has a lot of different options, and it’s a good way to get all your images in one place too.

Wedding website


Zankyou is a modern wedding planning tool with the option to create your own website too.

Good Points
Easy to use
Additional feature options (paid for)
Integrate gift list
Mobile app
Digital invitations
Image and video functions
Share music

Negative Points
Some features are premium and paid for
Gift list options come with additional fees on both free and premium account

Zankyou is an excellent choice for anyone who is focused on their wedding gift list. It integrates beautifully, and there are options for all sorts of gifts to be added. It has a full range of features away from the gift list, but some of the premium options can be found on other free wedding websites.

The Knot

The Knot is known for wedding planning. It has a vendor directory, dedicated wedding blog, shop and allows you to create your very own wedding website too.

Good Points
Mobile app
Change templates at any point
Create and track your budget
Simple to set up
Matching paper invitations available
Personalised URL

Negative points
Some of the options can’t be edited on mobile
Limited amount of layout options

The Knot is a great place for all your wedding website needs. The app notifications are particularly useful when collecting RSVPs and you can send thank you notes out immediately. Keeping track of your budget and favourite vendors gets The Knot some additional brownie points.


WeddingWire is an all in one wedding planning website. There’s a supplier directory, budgeting tools and guest list options for your website too.

Good Points
Simple to use
Easy to set up
Clean designs
Integrate RSVPs with guest list
Mobile friendly
Password Protected

Negative Points
Separate photo gallery app (WedShoots)
App doesn’t integrate with website

WeddingWire is our favourite option for a no-frills wedding website. It does everything you’ll need it to do, but has limited options for customization. This works well if you’re just looking for something quick, simple to use and easy to understand. We love the budget and guest list features it offers.

Minted Weddings

Minted supports independent designers, so we couldn’t miss it off our list. All their wedding website designs have been created by individuals, giving them a unique touch.

Good Points
Easy to use
Unique designs
Matching stationary available
Support independent creators
Free sample kits and online designs
$50 credit on wedding stationary when using a wedding website
Negative Points

Not easily customised
Limited features
Mainly US

Minted Weddings gives you a completely unique look and feel to your wedding website. All the basic features you’d expect are there and there’s the option to upgrade for more too. While the website is free, it is clear that the idea behind the site is to encourage couples to purchase stationary and gifts from Minted (and who can blame them?).

Wedding website

Getting Married

Getting Married is one of the largest wedding websites we know, and is fully customisable.

Good Points
Easy to use
Quick to set up
Integrated gift list
RSVP tracker
No upgrades or paid for features
Photo gallery
Mobile friendly

Negative Points
Basic layouts
It takes time to fully customize

Getting Married is a good option if you want the fully customisable experience, and have the time to dedicate to it. While it’s quick to set up, some of the options can be a little fiddly to customize. It can be used for wedding parties of any size too.

Wedding website

DIY Websites

We wanted to take a moment here to talk about some of the DIY websites. These are sites that are not specifically wedding orientated and will need a little bit of knowledge on web design prior to using them. You don’t need to be a tech whizz, but knowing your way around a few web design features will make using these designers a much more enjoyable, less time consuming task.


Good Points
Template options
Fully customizable
Gallery Images
Contact Features
Lots of online tutorials

Negative Points
Not specifically a wedding website
Prior knowledge of basic web design is helpful

Square Space

Good Points
Customizable template options
Some wedding templates available
Gallery options
Fully mobile friendly
RSVPs can be sent straight to your email

Negative Points
No wedding directory
Easy to get wrong

DIY websites are fun to do and mean you can create exactly what you want. Just make sure you have the time and patience to commit to them.

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