Wedding Flowers – Our Favourites

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A big part of any wedding day is the flowers. From the bridal bouquet to real flowers on the wedding cake, there are so many beautiful arrangements to choose from.

We’ve been looking at some of the wedding flowers from the last few months – here are our favourites.

Laura & Andrew’s Flowers by Plantology

The orange and red’s in this bouquet really stood our against the eucalyptus leaves. It fitted in with the colour theme, and complimented the colours found in the venue too.

Bridal bouquet by Plantology Division ~Street Sheffield

Bridal bouquet by Plantology Division street

Bridal bouquet by Plantology Sheffield

Andrew & Fran’s Flowers by Sweetpea & Thyme

Flowers were a huge part of this autumn wedding. They were in the church, around the venue and Fran had a gigantic bridal bouquet. Each bouquet had a pink amaranthus flower hanging underneath, which added an extra point of interest (and helped to work out which way up to hold the flowers!)

Autumn flowers by Sweetpea and thyme

Autumn flowers by Sweetpea and thyme

Autumn flowers by Sweetpea and thyme

Alex & Alastair’s Flowers by Moody Cow Florist

The pink and blue colours in these flowers were beautifully toned with white roses. There were so many different flower types in these bouquets (we won’t even try to name them all) something new caught our eye every time we looked at them.

Pink and blue wedding bouquet by Moody Cow Florist

Pink and blue wedding bouquet by Moody Cow Florist

Groom holding brides bouquet by moody cow florist at cornhill castle wedding

Mike & Louise’s Flowers by Flowers of Distinction

Greens were the main colour in these bridal flowers, with a hint of purple, blue and white. These flowers were there to compliment Louise’s choice in dress, which had a grey tone to it, rather than contrast with it. They smelled amazing, and looked stunning all day.

Bridal bouquet by Flowers of Distinction

mother of the bride smelling the wedding flowers

bride looking at the camera while groom kisses her forehead

Dan & Julie’s Flowers by Passion Flowers

Last but not least, the flowers at Dan and Julie’s summer wedding were bright, vibrant and colourful. There were roses, sunflowers, and carnations all working together with a few leaves intertwined. It’s probably the brightest bouquet we’ve seen to date, and we loved it!

The bridal bouquet by passion flowers with roses and sunflowers

sunflower in the bridal bouquet by passion flowers

Part of the summer bridal bouquet

Bridesmaids in a line wearing navy blue dresses and holding bright flowers

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