Wedding Traditions Explained: The Father-Daughter Dance

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We’ve seen the Father-Daughter wedding dance become more popular over the years, and it’s got us thinking. Where did it start, why did it decline in popularity and why is it making a comeback now?

In this ‘wedding traditions explained’ post we’re getting into all the details.

What is the father-daughter dance?

The father-daughter dance takes place between the bride and the father of the bride. It usually happens just after the first dance to a song that represents the relationship between the bride and her dad.

Where did the father-daughter dance come from?

The origins of the father-daughter dance aren’t widely documented, but here’s what we’ve discovered.

Back when most marriages were arranged for convenience or an exchange of wealth, some weddings had the father-daughter dance at the start of the wedding reception. At the end of the dance, the father of the bride would hand his daughter to her new husband for their first dance – an extension of giving her away.

This tradition has roots in American history, and has been a popular wedding tradition there for decades. The idea has been adapted for school dances, with a lot of organised events including a father-daughter and mother-son dance as part of the evening.

Why is the father-daughter dance becoming more popular now?

The father-daughter dance has become more popular in the UK over the past few years. We can only speculate as to why, but the most common answer is technology.

Hear us out.

This is a tradition that has been in America for a long time. With the rise of social media, online wedding publications and TV shows being shown across the world, a lot of traditions and ideas are being shared with other countries.

A father-daughter dance is a good way to honor the father of the bride and give him a moment in the spotlight to thank him for raising the bride. In our opinion – it’s becoming more popular because it’s a nice tradition to have.

Should you have a father daughter dance?

Whether you have a father-daughter dance or not is entirely your choice. It is a nice way to end the formal aspect of your evening, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re unsure, speak to your dad and give him the option.

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