What Does Documentary Style Mean?

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If you’ve already visited our wedding photography page, you’ll know that we love to photograph in a documentary style. But what does that actually mean when it comes to your wedding day? In this post you’ll find everything you need to know about documentary style photography, and what that really means.

What is it?

Documentary photography is a style of photography that has become popular all over the world. Basically, it’s photographing events as they happen. This photography style allows the photographer to capture real emotions and natural moments rather than the more traditional posed photographs.

One of the main factors of documentary photography is that it captures the subject accurately without any heavy editing after the event.

This natural style has become particularly popular for weddings over the past few years. It’s a fantastic way to capture the more spontaneous parts of a wedding day, rather than focusing on the poses.

Speeches at Bagden Hall Hotel Wedding

What about family photos?

Family photographs are a big part of any wedding day. No matter how big or small your wedding party there’ll be a few photographs you just have to have with your family. Even if you choose a photographer who prefers a documentary style, they’ll be able to capture these.

However, they’ll also photograph the bits in-between. If someone is straightening a suit, or people are chatting and laughing while everyone gathers together, all the little moments will be there.

Mother of the Groom helps him with his watch outside Wentworth Church

And the details?

The details are what pulls a wedding together. Whether that’s the place cards, the flowers or the groomsmen’s socks, the details need to be remembered.

To photograph in a documentary style means that all these things will be captured without interrupting the day. Everything will be in its place and beautifully photographed where it belongs.

Is it for me?

Finally, is the documentary style for you? If you love natural, friendly, unobtrusive photographs, that capture the story of your day as it happens, then yes!

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