Why Book A Professional Wedding Supplier?

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As soon as you start organising your wedding, friends and family will start to offer their services. In some cases they’ll offer their time free of charge, leaving you with some extra cash for your big day. With so many cheaper options, why book a professional wedding supplier?


A professional wedding supplier will have experience not only of the product they’re creating, but of weddings. Your Aunt may have worked in a bakery for 10 years, but does she know how to construct the wedding cake you want so that it lasts all day? Your future brother in law may have a camera, but can he capture the style of photography you’re looking for?

With experience also comes confidence. Professional wedding suppliers don’t take any chances with their products. They will be able to pre-empt any problems that may occur and put measures in place to prevent them and they’ll know the best way to give you the results you need for your perfect wedding day.

The wedding cake at Bagden Hall Hotel Wedding professional wedding supplier


When you hire a professional wedding supplier you can be sure that you’ll get the quality you’re looking for. This is likely their full time job, so not only will they have worked to get a perfect product they’ll also care about every single booking. One mistake can really hurt a small business!

In the photography industry, quality doesn’t just apply to the photographs taken. Some album suppliers won’t work with amateur photographers. By booking a non-professional you may be compromising your final wedding album too.

The bride smiling at the groom at Wortley Hall Wedding


Having a backup plan for a wedding day plays a huge part in any suppliers organisation. They’ll have something in place for every situation, from serious illness to a car breakdown. Without a backup plan you’ll miss out on aspects of your wedding if something was to go wrong.

This also applies after your wedding. If you’ve relied on family and friends to photograph your wedding, there’s no guarantee they’ll keep your images forever, or even back them up. It just takes one memory card to fail, one phone to break and your images are gone. Professional wedding photographers will have multiple backups of everything.

Why book a professional wedding supplier

Peace Of Mind

Booking professional suppliers means that you can relax and enjoy your day. If you have questions for any supplier there will be the opportunity to ask, without being afraid to offend them. They will have all the relevant insurance, hygiene and quality certificates to give you peace of mind that they know how to do their jobs to the highest standard. When it comes to your day you can leave them to it with no worries.

Bride and Groom walking at Bagden Hall hotel Wedding professional wedding supplier

We fully recommend using a professional wedding supplier for every aspect of your wedding. If you do decide to use a non-professional supplier for your day, make sure it’s someone you trust and who will be able to deliver exactly what you require for your wedding.

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