24 random acts of kindness

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Doing something nice everyday can seem daunting. However, we think that if everyone did just one nice thing ever day the world would be a much nicer place.
That’s why we’ve put together 24 random acts of kindness ideas that anyone can do.

1. Buy an extra tin to put in a food bank
There’s usually a collection point in big supermarkets
2. Make someone a card just because
3. Give someone a cup of tea
4. Give everyone you speak to a compliment
5. Leave a piece of art for someone to find
6. Place a lucky penny somewhere
7. Cook a meal for your parents/grandparents
8. Make kindness cupcakes and give them out at work/school
9. Buy or make someone lunch
10. Write someone a letter and post it
11. Say Thank You to someone who makes your days easier
Like the bus driver
12. Pick a present to give to a child in need
There are tonnes of appeals for childrens toys every year
13. Volunteer for the day
14. Tell someone you’re thinking about them
15. Write a song/poem for somebody
16. Smile at everyone you see
17. Take part in the rucksack project
18. Offer to help decorate your local nursing home
19. Let someone go in front of you in a queue
20. Invite friends round for tea
21. Hold a door open for someone
22. Start a ‘kindness jar’ at work or school
Write something nice about each person, then pick a day to open the jar and read the notes
23. Make a present for someone
24. Share your favourite story with someone

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Did you try any of our random acts of kindness ideas? We’d love to hear about your experience, or any other ideas you may have too!