Elsecar by the sea – Last chance to buy!

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Elsecar by the sea – last chance to buy!

We had an amazing time at Elsecar by the sea! So many people came to visit and we were standing alongside some wonderful suppliers.

After such a hectic weekend, we’ve still managed to walk away with some of our prints. These are the last eight remaining, there is just one of each and this is the last chance to buy!

All the images have been individually named, with the approximate sizes of the whole framed print all being in inches. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the images, please get in touch using the contact details here or for general comments/questions please leave a comment below.
Please do not put any personal contact information in the comments box – this is a public page and can be accessed by anyone.

All the images were created during a North Yorkshire trip we did at the beginning of last year. We started in the Lake District before moving onto the Yorshire Dales and finishing in Whitby. Narrowing down the images to take to Elsecar by the sea was such a difficult task. We traveled to such beautiful places and went walking almost every day, finding best images was incredibly time consuming although we did spot some fun ones as we went back through them! I wished I could have printed them all but I don’t think the table would have been large enough to hold them, never mind my studio!

The coastal images were all taken between Whitby and Sandsend. They’re two of my favourite places and hold some very fond memories.

The waterfall image is one of many from a waterfall walk we took in the Yorkshire Dales. It was part of a trail through 12 waterfalls, and the weather was terrible. This was one of the only places we had shelter from the trees.

This page will be updated as images are sold. This will work on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and no images will be held without payment. We can arrange postage at an additional cost, or the images can be collected from the studio in Priory Campus.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. We’re more than happy to speak to you in more detail about the exact locations of the images, and where appropriate the people in them!

Woodland Waterfall. Black Frame 15x19. £28.00
Woodland Waterfall.
Black Frame 15×19.
Stones and Sea. White Frame. 15x19. £28.00
Stones and Sea.
White Frame. 15×19.
Black Frame. 12.5 x17.
Whitby abbey framed print
Whitby Abbey.
White Frame. 11 x 13.
Whitby Abbey framed print
Whitby abbey
Black Frame. 12.5 x17.
Posts at sea.
Black frame. 11 x 13.
Sansend sea
Stones and Sea.
Black frame. 11 x 13.
Framed print sunrise harbor
Sunrise on the harbor.
White frame 11.5 x 25.5