New Studio!

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A new year and a new studio!

Everything seems to be going amazingly well this year, I have a studio space in Priory Campus!
It’s amazing, but it did need a little bit of a spruce up.

New Studio

The first thing I put in was my fairy door. They say that when it’s really quiet, fairies and pixies come through it. These doors are how they get from their land to ours!

I’ve also done some more grown up decorating, in the form of wallpaper.
New StudioIt’s not quite as grown up as you may think, I haven’t covered the walls in it. I’ve used it to cover my notice board and filing cabinet, I’m not quite brave enough to try a full wall covering!

New Studio

Mary the cow also lives in my studio! She is one of the many toddler and baby toys I have here waiting to play!

The studio is just another option for photo shoots. I still own a portable studio that can be brought into your home, or a location of choice.

For any queries or to book, get in touch!