‘I do’ wedding exhibition – Sheffield Ice 7th September

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I had another hectic day at the ‘I do’ wedding exhibition on Sunday!

During the day 2987 people came through the door. That included brides, grooms, bridesmaids, parents and families – I felt as though I spoke to all of them! The mix of people who came through was incredible. My stand was right next to the door and I managed to hear some conversations about how to tackle the show. Some had a route planned; some just wandered in and hoped they saw everything. The most organised people knew exactly which stands they wanted to go to, and in what order. One groom announced to his friend “We’re doing 11, 6 and 2, then getting out.”

The brides I spoke to were telling me about their different wedding ideas and what they wanted for their day. I didn’t speak to two people who wanted the same thing, they had such different ideas. There was a couple who were planning a vintage style wedding, with lace invitations and vintage style dress and suits. Another couple was planning a ‘winter wonderland’ theme, using lots of candle light and sparkly table decorations.

After spending the day going through albums and the different packages I offer I got the chance to look at some of the other stands and meet the other exhibitors. I met The chocolate kitchen who make some beautiful cakes covered with chocolate. They also host chocolate making parties which look so much fun! The flowers on Beautiful floral styling’s stand were stunning. I have no idea how she manages to keep her bouquets so vibrant all day, they looked as good when she took them home as they did when she brought them in that morning. I also managed to have a chat with Made by Hol. She creates bespoke wedding stationary and it is lovely. I got to see all the different colours and designs she can make, she’s really talented!

I had such an amazing day that I booked on for next year when I got home!

The next I do wedding exhibition I’ll be at is at Doncaster racecourse in March. Keep a look out for offers and VIP tickets!