10 tips for bringing toddlers to a studio session

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Bringing toddlers to a studio session can be an unpredictable experience. We’ve put together our 10 top tips to make it enjoyable for everyone.

1. Preparation

You know your toddler better than anyone, so the timing of this is up to you. Tell them where you’re going and why. If they understand what’s going to happen they’ll be more comfortable (and therefore happier) when they arrive.

2. Outfits

At some point in their childhood most children have an outfit that they don’t want to take off. Ever. (Charlotte’s was a pink princess dress!) Make sure you have this outfit with you on the day. It’ll act as a good treat at the end of the session.

3. Toys

Make sure you pack at least one of your toddlers favourite toys. They’ll love the fact that they have familiar things around them, and teddies can demonstrate sitting still beautifully.

girl with pigtails and a tartan skirt in a studio session with her teddy

4. Snacks

If snacks are part of your daily routine, make sure you have some (mess free) options with you. We’ll have plenty of time to pause and stop hanger taking over.

5. Naps

Try to book your session around nap time. While sleepy photographs can be adorable, when it comes to your toddlers we’d also like some bright-eyed and bushy tailed shots.

6. Family Members

Some sessions bring together cousins, aunties, uncles and other extended family. If there are people your toddler doesn’t see on a regular basis, make sure they’re prepared for who will be there. This way all the excitement can be dealt with ahead of the session.

Bringing toddlers studio session

7. Music

Having the right background music can make the world of difference to making your little one feel comfortable. If they have a favourite song or artist let us know in advance so we can get it playing as you arrive.

8. Rewards

This is for the parents. Decide what rewards (if any) your child can have for good behaviour during the session. It could be a sticker on their chart, or tea at their favourite place – whatever works for you. Make sure they know what their reward will be, and stick to it. Adding on more rewards as the session goes on can get expensive!

9. Stay Calm and Positive

This is probably the most difficult tip to stick to, especially if your toddler has decided they’re not in a cooperative mood. However, if you can stay calm and positive while your toddler isn’t we’ll get them back on board and smiling in no time.

10. Trust Us

This is probably the most important thing to remember when bringing toddlers to a studio session. We can almost guarantee your toddler won’t do anything we can’t deal with. We’ve been photographing children for years, so we know what to do to get the images we need and give you memories that will last a lifetime.

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