13 Cheap Ways to Show You Love Someone

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Valentine’s day is almost here, so we’ve put together a list of valentine’s day ideas to help make your day extra romantic.
Don’t worry – they’re all local to Barnsley, are dead easy to do, and can be done around work!

1. Leave a little love note

Go all out if you’d like to, but just writing ‘I love you’ on a bit of paper and putting it in your parnetrs work bag or stuck to the milk – somewhere they’ll definitely find it – will bring a smile to their face (trust us!)

2. Organise a surprise delivery

Send flowers or sweets to your partner during the day. They’ll love the surprise, and you don’t even have to be there.
Interflora have a huge selection of flowers and other gifts (and they use local florists!)

3. Go to the cinema
There’s nothing like sitting and watching a film together. Even if the film isn’t to both your tastes, it will be a spark of conversation. You don’t have to spend hours getting ready (you’ll be sitting in the dark) and nobody will judge how much popcorn/pick n mix you eat.
Take a look at Parkway cinema Barnsley for up to date show times.

4. Fall in love again
This questionnaire has been designed to make two people fall in love. Ask each other the questions and fall in love all over again!
We’re yet to test this one, so let us know how you get on.

5. Have a craft competition
Find something you’re both new to, like origami. Then find the most complicated thing to create and see who does it best!
This origami peacock is really tricky – we experienced it first hand.

6. Go for a meal
Splash out on a romantic meal, or re-visit your favourite eatery. Always be sure to do a quick search online to see if there are any offers before you go!

7. Have a cosy night in
Grab some blankets, sweet treats and snuggle up together with your favourite film. Leave your phones off in another room so you’re not distracted from each other.

8. Star Gaze
Drive or walk up to the top of a hill (there are loads in Barnsley) and spend the evening looking at the stars. Try to identify some constellations; failing that make up your own names and write them down for future reference.

9. People Bingo
Go to your local pub and pay for one drink each. Then play people bingo, whoever loses gets the next round in!

10. Make bucket list
Thinking of new things to do together regularly can be difficult. Make a list of things you both want to do, then the next time you’re struggling for ideas refer back to it. Try and complete it before next Valentine’s Day.

11. Make your own Valentine’s Day cards
Get creative with a huge piece of card, glitter and love hearts. Make sure you write why you love the other person inside.

12. Make dinner together
Plan a three course meal and cook it together. Complete the romantic vibe by using a tablecloth and lighting some candles – tea lights count!

13. Talk to each other like children do
When was the last time you had a proper conversation that wasn’t full of work and bills? Have a conversation like you have no cares. Turn off everything and make some time to talk. Find out what their favourite colour is, if they could be an animal for the day what would they be and why? What is their favourite memory? What is their worst? Find out things that you wouldn’t usually have time to talk about – you might be surprised what you have to say!

valentines day ideas

Have you tried any of the valentine’s day ideas above? We’d love to know how it went, let us know!