20 Last Minute Date Ideas

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It’s Valentine’s Day and we’re getting into the romantic spirit. If you don’t have any plans this evening, don’t worry. We’ve got 20 last minute date ideas that are perfect for you and your significant other (or your best friends, whoever you like really!).

1. Have a romantic dinner

We’re not talking about going to a Michelin start restaurant, or spending hours getting ready beforehand. Just pop to your closest supermarket after work and pick up one of the meal deals. Popular ones include a side, main, dessert and drink for around £10. They’re easy to cook and can be enjoyed while cuddling on the sofa in your pyjamas.

2. Star gaze

This one is a fantastic excuse to get outdoors together and cuddle up. If there’s light pollution where you are take a short drive to the countryside to get a clearer view of the skies. Try and spot constellations (there are apps to help) or just enjoy looking at the stars.

3. Watch your favourite films

Grab some snacks and choose a film each. Watch them back to back while cuddling up on the sofa. Try and appreciate your partner’s choice even if it’s not your cup of tea.

4. Go to a local quiz

Find your closest pub quiz and try your chances. Even if your general knowledge is sketchy a quiz is always fun – if you’re really struggling try coming up with the funniest answers you can.

5. Get out the board games

When was the last time you played a game together? If you’re anything like us it was a while ago now. Grab some board games and have an evening of light hearted competition.
We’d keep a score of who’s won most games, and definitely avoid monopoly!

6. Play: ‘How well do you know each other?’

Grab some pens and paper and write out 10 questions. For each question write out your answer and the answer you think your other half will give. If you guess your partners answer you clearly know them well.

7. Make a travel map

This one is really easy to do and you can keep adding to it as you go. Grab your photographs, a large sheet of paper, some string and a map (of the world, your city, whatever scale you’d like). Stick your map in the centre of your paper with the photographs around the edge. Use the string to mark where you were when the photograph was taken. Easy!

8. Do a workout challenge

If you’re like us your New Year’s resolution has already started going down the pan. By doing a workout challenge with your partner you might just get back on track. Try doing something neither of you have done before and see who does it best – you might be surprised!

9. Make cocktails

Grab your favourite spirits, some fruit juice and start shaking. There are loads of apps and online recipes and you can always try making your own combinations too. This moscow mule is one of our favourites.

10. Share your favourite story

Whether you’re a complete book worm or haven’t picked up a hardback since you were little, everyone has a favourite story. Tell each other what yours is and why. Listening to your partner talk about one of their favourite things will give you an insight into their world.

11. Plan a trip

Planning a dream holiday together can be loads of fun. Get the travel magazines (or the internet) and start planning where you’d like to go in detail. Write down where you’d like to stay, what you’d like to see and how much it’d cost. If you want to go the extra mile make a plan to start saving for it.

12. Create the ultimate couples playlist

Get your heads together and make a playlist of all your favourite songs. If you’re like us you’ll have a crazy mix of songs that makes you smile every time you listen to it.

13. Bake something new

Pick a complicated dessert you’ve never made before and try to create it together. It might be delicious, it could be a disaster, but you’ll have fun making it and with any luck you’ll be able to lick the spoon.

14. Play video games

Put your phones away and get out the games consoles. Pick two games each so you have an equal chance at winning, or work together to fight a mutual enemy. If you’re not a gamer set yourself little targets – staying alive for more than 5 seconds or not finishing last. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be.

15. Do a jigsaw

As they grow older most people stop doing jigsaws, but they are incredibly underrated. You both have the same goal of finishing it, but there’s something satisfying about putting in the most pieces. As much as you’ll help each other it can turn into a competition very quickly.

16. Teach each other something

What is the one thing you’re fantastic at but your partner isn’t? Spend the evening teaching each other the basics of your greatest talent. If you’re not too interested in your partner’s skills, learn it anyway. It’ll bring you closer together and give you a deeper understanding when they talk about it.

17. Plan future dates

This might seem like an odd thing to do as a date, but it saves so much time in future. Imagine asking your other half where they’d like to go, or what they’d like to eat and rather than them replying “wherever” you have a ready-made list of options you both approve of. Perfect.

18. Watch some old quiz shows

We’re talking about Catchphrase, Who wants to be a Millionaire? and Bullseye. The older the better. Try working out the answers together – you’ll soon realise how much you actually know, and the graphics are fantastic.

19. Beer/Wine tasting

Grab 3-4 different types of beer or wine (or anything you fancy) from different places and at different prices. See if you can identify which beer is which, and pick your favourite. The most expensive isn’t always the best…

20. Describe your partner

Have you ever wondered how you’d be described in a book? Write a description of your partner as though you were introducing them in a novel. The small details like how they sit, how they hold their cuppa make all the difference.

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