DIY Paper Pom-poms

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We loved making these Easter paper pom-poms. They’re really simple to create, brighten up any room and as they’re made of tissue paper any tears can be easily hidden! We use them most in our First Birthday and Cake Smash sessions.

You Will Need:

8 pieces of tissue paper approx.. 50cm x 70cm
Invisible thread or string (we used fishing wire)
String to display your finished paper pom-poms (we used white ribbon)
Strong, Sharp Scissors

Step 1

Take eight pieces of tissue paper and stack them on top of each other. Line them up as neatly as you can.

Step 2

Fold the sheets together in a concertina style (like the paper fans we used to make at primary school!)
Try to keep each fold at around 5cm deep.

Step 3

Use your invisible string to tie around the middle of the tissue paper.
This has to be tight enough to keep the paper in place, but not so tight it rips your pom-pom.

Step 4

With your sharp scissors, cut a curve into each end of the tissue paper.

Eight sheets of pink tissue paper laying on top of each other on a white backdrop

Eight sheets of pink tissue paper folded in a concertina style

Eight sheets of pink tissue paper folded in a concertina style tied with clear fishing wire

Eight sheets of pink tissue paper folded in a concertina style with corner cut

Step 5

Put your pom-pom on its side and fan it out as far as it will go. Be careful not to rip it!

Step 6

Take the top layer of tissue paper and fold it up to form the centre of the pom-pom.

Step 7

Repeat this action for the top four layers of your pom-pom. Fluff out the paper as you go to form your desired shape.

Step 8

Turn your pom-pom around and repeat steps 6 & 7 to create your full pom-pom.

Paper Pom-poms partially made folded and opened out

Pink tissue paper folded into a pompom shape at one side

Pink tissue paper pom-poms completed at one side

Fully formed pink tissue paper pom-poms on white backdrop

Step 9

Tie your string or ribbon around the centre of your pom-pom, making sure you leave enough excess for hanging.

Step 10

Fluff your paper pom-pom to create its final shape, hang up and enjoy!

Try using different coloured tissue paper to begin with and create a multi coloured pom-pom!
You can make them larger or smaller just by changing the size of your initial tissue paper sheets.

Multi coloured paper pom-poms on white backdrop