Location Sessions: Pros & Cons

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Most of our family sessions take place in our studio; however, we do love exploring the great outdoors. Lifestyle and location sessions are becoming more popular with both families and couples. We’ve put together the pros & cons of choosing a location session.

Location session pros & cons



A location or lifestyle session can take place either in your home or outdoors. In either situation there is usually a variety of backdrops that can be used. Each room in a house will have a different look or feel, even if it’s just in the way the light comes through the window. In a local park or outdoor space there will be multiple places to photograph at, giving you a large variety of final images.


Personalising a lifestyle or location session is simple. The setting usually means something to you, unlike a studio background. If the session takes place at home then you have everything you could want to hand, which can help to influence the images.


Being in a familiar place is a positive, especially with younger children. They’ll be more comfortable, more relaxed and play much more. This lends itself to more natural final images.


If you’re choosing where to have your session, you may not have to travel as far as you would to a studio (particularly if you’re choosing your own home!). This can make the run up to your session almost completely stress-free.


A studio will usually have a few toys or games to keep children entertained. In your own home and outdoors there will be much more to keep them occupied. A pile of leaves can turn into the best game in the world!


While your photographer may have a time limit on your session, you may have a little longer to explore. If you’re not travelling to a studio then you don’t have to work out journey times, and you can get ready right up until the last minute. If you’re in a public place you have the opportunity to stay even after your photographer has left.

Location session pros & cons



Weather affects location sessions particularly. If it’s drizzly or windy, you may have to rearrange for a brighter day.


There can be additional costs attached to location sessions. Some parks charge to use their grounds for photography sessions, and some photographers have an additional travel charge for location sessions.


As with any public place, there will be people going about their days in the background. Finding a quiet spot can sometimes be difficult, and human curiosity usually means at some point someone will watch you having your photograph taken.

Location session pros & cons

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