Town Hall Wedding

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Kerry & John’s day

When Kerry & John began telling me about their wedding plans I could tell it would be an incredibly relaxed day.
They only wanted a couple of hour’s photography, from Kerry and her bridesmaids getting ready up to the couples photographs.

I met the bridal party at Kerry’s house the morning of the wedding. The atmosphere was really calm, not what I’m used to! As the morning went along the nerves and excitement began to creep in.

I went ahead of the ladies to meet John at Barnsley town hall where the ceremony was taking place. When I arrived he was outside with a few close friends and family, waiting for the bridal party. As Kerry pulled up to the front doors of the Town Hall, John’s face lit up with excitement. They walked together into the building and then separated for Kerry to walk down the aisle. The few minutes they had together calmed some of their nerves before the ceremony.

After we’d finished at the town hall I whisked Kerry and John off to Locke park for their couples’ photographs. They didn’t want to spend long on their photographs, but as a Barnsley Photographer I knew the park well. The white archways and flower beds acted as a beautiful backdrop, and suited the laid back nature of Kerry and Johns’ relationship wonderfully.

When we were finished in the park, the newlyweds got straight back in the car to go on their honeymoon.

My favourite part of the day was the surprise from Kerry’s workmates. They knew she just wanted a small ceremony, but couldn’t resist popping out on their lunch break to see her in her wedding dress!



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