Tracy & Nathan

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Cubley Hall Wedding

Tracy and Nathan had a beautiful New Year wedding at Cubley hall hotel. They had an intimate wedding, with just their family and a few close friends attending.

When I first spoke to Tracy and Nathan it was clear they didn’t want their photography to play a huge part of their day. They did want professional photographs so they could look back and remember their wedding, but were conscious that it shouldn’t take over. They asked if I could photograph just 2 hours, which we agreed would be from Tracy getting ready with her bridesmaids to the drinks reception.

On the 2nd January I drove up to Cubley hall in surprisingly good weather. Although it was chilly the sun was shining and the scenery behind the grounds was beautiful.

I met Tracy in her room where hair and makeup was already well underway. The flowers Tracy had chosen were beautiful. Although they were artificial they looked and felt amazing; they were so soft and surprisingly light.

As the ladies were putting the finishing touches to their hair I went to the ceremony room to meet a rather nervous Nathan. The room looked stunning with the fairy lights highlighting each side of the aisle which gave such a romantic atmosphere as the couple exchanged their vows.

After the ceremony I took the Newlyweds to capture their couple photographs. The weather was against us but Tracy and Nathan managed to keep huge smiles on their faces. It wasn’t long before we headed back inside to the rest of the wedding party, and my part of the day was over.

My favourite part of the day was Tracy’s tiara. It really stood out against her hair and sparkled beautifully in the sunshine.


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